UN Women: Generation Equality

vor 3 years

The UN Women initiative is getting loud…

It is easy for us to take for granted the massive strides we as women have made in the western world. While we fight for continued equal pay and our days of recognition, women around the world are still fighting for their right to freedom of sexuality, the ability to drive, the freedom to work and live without fear…

According to the latest “Gender Gap Report”, it will take another 257 years to achieve economic equality between genders. And even right now, we seem to be falling back into some old role models that we overcame decades ago. Pressure from populist movements is increasing across society, the Corona crisis is pushing more homemaking roles and childcare onto women, domestic violence is occurring more frequently… That’s why UN Women wants to shift gears.

“Globally, a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man in a comparable position. It’s 2021, are you fucking kidding me?”

With this powerful statement, journalist Dunja Hayali opens the UN Women Germany’s video, which is part of the international flagship campaign #GenerationEquality. For the campaign, UN Women is not only advocating for gender equality, they also teamed up with German celebrities to clarify their vision. With photographs by Anna Daki, who has shot editorials for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, actress Iris Berben, author Tupoka Ogette, actor Volker Bruch and boxer Zeina Nassar, among many others, these admirable women talk about their personal experiences with discrimination. The video, including 15 statements, calls not only for dealing with blatant sexism, but for the clear action we can take to improve the situations of women worldwide. What exactly does UN Women set on the agenda? Clearly, one of the most important matters is economic equality between all genders – the same payment for the same work. But then of course, there are also more complex issues like the overlap of sexism and racism that calls for intersectional criticism. Watch the video below. I think it is about time we all start shining a critical light on the things in our power to change. Perhaps we cannot bring an end to global poverty.. but perhaps we can make a change in our own work environment. It no doubt takes courage. But it needs to be done.

Below we are including the video. It is spoken in German, but English subtitles are available. We will be using joining in the conversation, using the hashtag #GenerationEquality – and we encourage you to share your own experiences, visions, and demands as well. We are stronger together! If you wish to support via donation, do so here, but you can also participate by becoming a member of UN Women.

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