For your well-being: Hempinger CBD (+ GIVEAWAY!)

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Have you been taking enough care of yourself lately?

This year still feels fresh (even if we necessarily don’t), and now is a perfect time for incorporating new routines into our everyday life to make us feel a bit better. And yeah, life right now isn’t easy – so it’s important we take extra good care of our body, give more attention to our skin, and grant a bit of aid to our mental states. Me-time might look different for everybody, but there is one thing which works wonders for many needs for many different kinds of people.

We are talking about CBD, which of course you have heard of by now. Some key facts: Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-intoxicating, unlike a jazzy cig of pure Mary Jane with the THC still in it. CBD is considered the new answer to many diseases and symptoms of our time. I am typing this with major period cramps. They are aided by CBD droplets. This magic tonic helps our bodies manage chronic pain, inflammation, sleep problems, menstrual pain, skin problems, and also is a great tool for relaxation during stressful, hectic times when your mind is working in overdrive. Sounds perfect, no?

If you need a little wellness boost, perhaps Hempinger can help. Their platform offers many CBD products by different brands, filtered according to the different areas of application. All products have high quality ingredients, and their own brand Essent uses only organic hemp from Switzerland.

We are definitely fans of all the magical ways of CBD. Rub it in your skin, drop it under your tongue, smoke it with a glass of tea, take a bite out of a CBD-infused chocolate bar. Where there is an underlying problem, there is a way to help. 

Hempinger has already pre-selected four different sets for you. Maybe you struggle with PMS every month? Then you might have a look at the Rebalance Set , including a special menstruation oil. If you are trying to reach your fitness goals right now, the Relief Set is perfect for you, helping your muscles to recover. The beauty set  has products for your whole body, for glowing hair and skin. Sleepless at night? The recharge set can help!

And now you have the chance to win your own desired set!
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Hempinger on Instagram, email and tell us which set your heart desires. You have until Monday, January 25 ! As an extra perk for all our readers, use the code FRL15 for 15% off the entire Hempinger website through 10 February 

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