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There are items that we like, and there are items that we love. There are items we collectively laugh over, bond over, swoon over, and there are definitely pieces we are singularly obsessed with.

We dedicate a weekly declaration of love to particular fashion and beauty items that may not forever be iconic or relevant, but are currently making us feel some type of way. Enjoy the latest obsessions of our editorial team. Welcome to Miss Crush!

This week’s edition comes from Janna, one of our editors, obsessed with all kinds of scents and natural beauty products. 

“There’s not a lot to do these days. I have been taking it upon myself to find my own fun. 

What happens after cooking dinner with a friend? And what about after applying a face mask? Are we really supposed to watch ANOTHER hour of Netflix? Do I really want to read a book with a friend? We have flipped through the entirety of my coffee table book collection a total of 99 times and it’s beginning to get a bit tired.

So here is what I decided to do over this past weekend: I blindfolded a friend. Before us, I placed a jar of espresso beans, seven ribbons, and this AER Scent Discovery Kit.

AER is a 100% botanical scent company, based here in Berlin. I don’t mind dabbling in synthetic perfumes. Some of my favorite bottles have not been of this world, time, or place. But my heart always goes back to the smell of the natural. The earth. AER is fantastic for this. In this kit is the entirety of the company’s scents. Seven very special ones. Included in the box is also a booklet that describes the process and the notes found in each bottle. I spritzed a perfume on a ribbon and placed it under my friend’s nose, one by one, describing in an ASMR way what it is they may be smelling. In between each new ribbon of scent, I gave them a whiff of espresso beans to ‘reset’ their nose. I wish I was my friend! You can be this friend! You will totally delight your very lucky houseguests. Each box is but 30EUR, and it also comes with a 30EUR gift card, so that if you find a scent that resonates with you (and you will…), you also will get a nice discount on the full-sized bottle. I encourage you to try this little game. You will restimulate yourself, and will also be supporting a local business that is purveying an age-old craft of scent extraction. Magic. I think my favorite little bottle is their newest scent: No. 7 Orris Root – I have smelled many, many perfumes… yet I have never smelled something like this. Give it a try. Let me know how your game goes. Thank me later 😉 

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