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There are items that we like, and there are items that we love. There are items we collectively laugh over, bond over, swoon over, and there are definitely pieces we are singularly obsessed with.

We dedicate a weekly declaration of love to particular fashion and beauty items that may not forever be iconic or relevant, but are currently making us feel some type of way. Enjoy the latest obsessions of our editorial team. Welcome to Fräulein Crush!

This week’s edition comes from Sam, our managing editor. When he told us that he would be choosing something in the Beauty sector, I laughed in his face. I didn’t mean to be so rude, but Sam is the last person I would think would begin dabbling in Beauty. I once tried misting his face with rose water and he screamed in angst and confusion. So I was totally excited to see what he would be professing… and when I realized it was something practical, important, and cost-accessible, my heart grew a little fonder for him. Because he’s right! Sunscreen: important! Everyone says it, and we say it for a reason. This is inspiring me to create a sunscreen round up in the future. But in the meantime, here is his pick:

“I am not claiming to be a skincare expert by any means, though as I have started to enter a different part of my life (the big 3-0 is approaching this year in August), it has become more important for me to get myself into a healthy skincare regime, which still allows for my lifestyle but doesn’t get in the way. While I miss those sleepless weekends in the club and summer evenings in a crowded bar, I know I’ve finally been able to take a step back and appreciate and treat my skin well.  One brand which I have always returned to has recently been catching my attention, yet again. La Roche Posay is an affordable French brand and apparently recommended by 90000 dermatologists worldwide (wow, specific!) For someone like myself with sensitive skin, La Roche Posay is great. It can be a struggle to find a good SPF. Of all the products, I would recommend the LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS ULTRA LIGHT FLUID SPF50. It has a lightweight texture that sinks into your skin to help protect you from the sun. The lotion is also hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free, and I’m a fan of the minimal packing. As the weather is beginning to show signs of warmth, I recommend this as my crush!”

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