Introducing the New Skincare Line SKIN PROUD

vor 3 years

I am a big pusher of the idea that the more natural our skin cleansing, the better.

I know this natural ethos isn’t for everyone. I know that some people would like a bit of a chemical push to lead their skin in a better direction. I respect that. 

I heard that a new skincare line was coming to the market: SKIN PROUD – and I was eager to try it.

These vegan products are sourcing as many of their ingredients naturally as can possibly be found. Primarily in fruit. (Did you know that the acids found in papaya and pineapple are incredibly nourishing and incredible for skin appearance and retexturing?)

SKIN PROUD offers products for both Dawn and Dusk, which makes the routine that much more simple and streamlined. Dew and glow in the daytime; nourishing and restorative in the evening.

I have been using their Daily Exfoliating Tonic. AHA is my favorite form of exfoliating. The AHA acid eats away at all the dead skin cells on your skin, without sloughing them off, thus keeping all that fresh new skin underneath as beautifully in tact as it should be!

And don’t let the word ‘acid’ scare you. It can work on all skin types. It’s a rejuvenating miracle acid that gives a nicely taut feeling to the skin, and any moisturizer or serum you put on after this (check out their Vitamin C Bright Boost serum!) will be immediately soaked up.

The SKIN PROUD AHA tonic is only 15EUR and it is comparable to a couple other bigger name AHA products that go for at least double the cost. The price point is one of the key perks to this new line.

I like SKIN PROUD. I would recommend it to those that may just be starting out a skincare regimine and are looking to dabble in all the buzzwords floating around the beauty industry at a price that is not crazy. They are very to the point in what they are offering. The packaging is cute and will be something you enjoy displaying (if pink is your thing…) We received a selection of products to our office, and while our team contains a lot of different skin types, we all had positive things to say about it.

Check out their product line here, all of which are currently being sold at Douglas

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