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Fräulein is proudly announcing partnering with the ADK for their “What Matters” Exhibition.

The ‘Akademie der Künste‘  is one of the oldest European cultural institutes. The international community of artists was founded as early as 1696 and currently consists of six sectors and more than 420 members.
For us as Fräulein Magazine, we see our cultural responsibility also in giving young artists a platform and creating a framework for them to present their work. In this sense, Fräulein is proud to act as ADK‘s media partner for the current exhibition “What Matters“, running from the 12th of march.

The exhibition presents the works of 29 fellows from all art sections, including sound and video installations, photography, sculptures, paintings, and performance art, created during the residencies in the Hansa Quarter and Villa Serpentara in Olevano.

But what is actually the story behind the exhibition “What Matters“? In this statement there is at the same time found a question, the presentation of the ‘JUNGE AKADEMIE‘, the international artist-in-residence program of the ‘Akademie der Künste‘.
Focused on what is now considered essential: Artistic witnessing, poetic resistance, and the imagination of sustainable futures, facing the global tipping moments, while the gaze also repeatedly falls on changes in the climate or politics.

So, the artists articulate sorrow and closeness, the human and the godly, danger and comfort through their heartfelt medium.

Cerro Saturno, Film Still, 2022 © Miguel Hilari

Here are the names of all participating scholarship recipients:

Christin Berg, Ferhat Bouda, Yvon Chabrowski, Farhad Delaram, Tony Elieh, Olivier Foulon, Annette Frick, Simone Haug, Miguel Hilari, Ruth Kaaserer, Meena Kandasamy, Sasha Kurmaz, Fabian Lippert, Friederike Meese, Nida Mehboob, Ada Mukhina, Moritz Nitsche, Nazanin Noori, Jennifer O’Donnell, Sophia Pompéry, Mykola Ridnyi, Lucie Sahner, Mia Sanchez, Fabià Santcovsky, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, Anna Slobodnik, Aled Smith, Undine Sommer, Philipp Valente
Curatorial Scholar: Arkadij Koscheew

Untitled, 2016 © Sasha Kurmaz

BODIES IN TRANSITION, Film Still mit Benno Fürmann, 2022 © Yvon Chabrowski

Shadow Lives, 2017 – continuous © Nida Mehboob

Ada Mukhina "How To Sell Yourself to the West" Film Still, © Julia Milz, Eli Boernicke, 2021

"Beyond the Now" by Christin Berg

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