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Spring is in the Air…
What are you going to do about it?

Aside from the usual anti-allergy medication, we have decided to be more prepared this year. We say it every year. Admittedly, we never are. The sun arrives before we have dusted off our sunglasses. Our sundresses are still in storage. The sandals… well, what sandals? Then we are left looking a little grey. A little haggard. And the sunlight is not hiding it, babe. So we decided to share with you some of the things we have our eyes on, hopefully to get you in the mood to make your own wish list, and to act upon it. From a boost of glow to your skin to something a bit softer and lighter to sleep on, we’ve covered the bases for you if you can’t be bothered to think about anything other than making it through another day of lockdown. But rest assured: they can take away our clubs, but they can’t take away our Rötkappchen at Görli (but may we kindly suggest you at least throw it in a basket…)



The bi-polar weather is bumming my skin out. But also, let’s be honest, I am sure my recent personal habits have not been boosting it either. I have been a bit stressed, I have been on my period, I have been drinking too much coffee, I have been smoking cigarettes in a melancholic fashion, and I have not been sleeping my preferred 9 hours. So what do I expect? Do I think my skin would begin glowing with that kind of treatment? I literally cancelled a date last week because I had a pimple the size of a waxing moon on the center of my neck. 

I thank the stars for Babor, which makes a lot of great products, but my personal favorites (and up to this point, my SECRET weapons), have been these little glass capsules that you crack open… They have a multitude of Ampoule Concentrate collections to choose from, to cater to all kinds of things your skin may crave- from After Sun Care to Color Correction. I needed a proper pampering (my skin was looking super lackluster) so I chose the Precious Collection box, which comes with 7 different vials to energize, volumize, and lift. And it DID that. My skin looks really beautiful the last couple days. I am 100% ready for my rescheduled date. You can find this limited edition Precious Metals collection on de Bijenkorf 


When the Korean beauty line Dear Dahlia came to Germany, I was moved to write a testament of newfound love. It was such a far cry from my usual beauty ideal of the dark and dramatic vamp look, yet I was totally drawn to its Secret Garden nymph-like soft feminine charm of barely there sparkles and watercolor pastels. Now is the perfect time to experiment more with this kind of look, and I still insist you try the Eye Shine Sequins gloss. Gorgeous. Especially with the sun at your service. 


In the winter, all I want to do is take total comfort in myself and smell like warmth: leather, tobacco, fire, cloves. But now that the flowers are blooming and our skin is getting a bit more natural warmth to it, it’s time to let the ouds rest. They will await us in a few months. Now, I turn to scents of softness. I have never been an overly flowery or powdery kind of girl. It’s nice on others, but it’s not for me. One of my favorite niche perfume lines EX NIHILO has launched an entire new collection of Sublime Mists. These mists are best spritzed through hair, on pillowcases, inside of purses, on freshly laundered clothes… I can’t get enough of these mists! I have gravitated towards the scent of Exhalt: an ode to Asian sophistication, a combination of white tea and rice powder. Walking underneath the cherry blossoms, or lounging with a love at the park, this is a memorable, understated scent. It feels so nice and fresh to wear. 


All our clothing has been covered up for the last however-many-months. I feel like the arrival of Springtime is the perfect opportunity to really let the spirits move you to something a little outlandish… something a bit bombastic… a special garment that brings a bit more attention to yourself. And I don’t necessarily mean anything too skimpy or provocative (there is Summer for that), I mean something cool and worthy of comments and attention. Let’s use Lecavalier as an example… This dress is from their S/S 21 collection. I see this styled with some funky socks and some kick ass boots. You will look glorious amongst the blooms.


I mean, I love a good sandal moment as much as anyone, but when Spring comes, I am actually wearing my boots even MORE often, knowing that soon summer beckons, and I won’t be slipping my feet into any boots for a few months. Ask anyone: I wear boots with absolutely everything. I wore combat boots to opening night of the Metropolitan Opera with a gown, before Alexander McQueen was making this appropriate. Needless to say, when I see a boot I like, I don’t stop thinking about it. I ultimately get it. I have way too many boots and not enough days of the year. And yet, here I am, trying to talk myself out of buying these CODA boots from BA&SH. I love that such a feminine company that I associate with strappy heels and simple slides is now taking note of the power of a flouncy, ruffle dress and a tough boot. They come in both black and white and I realize I do not have any white boots at the moment…. Someone help me.


I mainly associate myself with the evening, rather than the daytime… But okay, I can enjoy some playfulness in the sun if you insist, fine. Recently, however, I adopted a totally new hair color and of course it is allergic to the sun. So now I must live accordingly. I need hats. And I am very particular when it comes to hats. I don’t want basic. I don’t want retro. When I see it, I know it. Lucky for me, our office is next to the finest milliner in all of Germany: the one, the only, Madam Fiona Bennett. Every day, I walk past her glorious storefront, and I see stylish artisans weaving away at extraordinary creations. These glorious creatures, how am I to choose but one?



Of all the sunglass companies, can you name a more solidly peculiar brand than Gentle Monster? There’s a reason Marine Serre chose to collaborate with them. And then just last week, they announced the launch of an incredible new capsule collection entitled NANO, with a line up of older models that I have not stopped thinking about since. With flip lenses, these Nano sunglasses are unlike any kind of thing I’ve seen… A mix of mad steampunk doctor with playful surrealism. Avant garde. A memorable accessory. Five different models with a multitude of spring colors to choose from. Get on it while you still can. I would love to see passersby in these.


My associations with Swarovski? Not really for me. But this year? Their newest ‘Collection I’ has me swooning. I lean more toward rough crystals charged under a full moon around my neck but these newly released baubles are so purposely fun and in-your-face that I cannot ignore them any longer. I must reveal my love for it. I imagine how these colorful gems would look on my alter, and am fantasizing over the looks I will get from my fellow witches if I dare show up wearing this to our next ceremony.


My landlord still has not turned off the heating (it’s April) and I find myself kicking around in the middle of the night, flip-flopping my pillows to find the cool side. With this, I am given a taste of the encroaching heat to come. My woolen blankets and down comforters will soon be folded and stuffed away. And I am left to wonder how I would like to spend the next few months of my life, in the place I spend the most time? In organic stonewashed cotton. I will settle for nothing less. Tekla makes some of the best sheets. They just released a couple new colors for spring, in sandy and pinky shades.


Let’s be honest. You need a picnic basket. Shoving a bottle of Prosecco and fruits into your normal everyday leather bag is not chic, and your purse does not appreciate being treated like that. Be the one that arrives to the picnic with flowers to place in your friends’ hair. Be the one who shows up to the park with an extra blanket rolled up in your basket. If you are wondering if you should bring one or two bottles, the answer is always three. Be the change you wish to see at your picnic, babe. You will be adored. These handcrafted HAY picnic baskets are only 45EUR and you can get them at Voo.

Text by Janna Shaw

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