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Denim is an essential part of our urban aesthetics. Dating back to the fifties, the fabric has changed the fashion industry and revolutionized clothing as such, convinced with its durability and comfort.

Since 1989, the brand G-STAR RAW has been breaking the boundaries of denim as we know it, clearly manifesting its vision for the future: Luxury denim for everyday wear.

But with great passion, the brand also considers the iconic material as a fabric of infinit possibilities.
With innovation, sustainability and creativity, G-STAR RAW strives to shape the next generation of denim with respect for people and the environment.

The ubiquity of the fabric, the craft which is required to process it, is closely tied to a metropolitan lifestyle, all core values of the an iconic brand which indicates exactly this direction of the modern interpretations of denim:

Creative Agency: The Family Amsterdam
Director: Paul Geusebroek
Choreographer: Jack Evans
Dancers: Lee Howard & Kamira Samuel

The brands strong narrative has found success and recognition for its incredible passion for the material and its raw, authentic state. With the tool of modern denim, the Dutch brand has made iconic collaborations happen such as with Snoop Dogg, Pharell Williams and Max Verstappen showcasing the uniquity and versatility of the material.

Following their latest collaboration with Snoop Dogg, G-STAR RAW is now exploring a different side of the spectrum with icon Jordan Smith: The art of urban tap dance. Making waves during the roaring twenties, tap dace is celebrating a major comeback thrilling masses to reimagine the movement, adding modern hip-hop notes to it.

With denim as their uniform, dancers let bodies be their vessels of communication, further widening the versatility of denim. World-class tap champions like Kamira Samuel and first-class Broadway performer, Lee Howard synch in rhythm dressed in subtle denim staples with a visible passion for detail and a raw, nostalgic note. 
The current campaign presents a selection of pieces that can be imbedded into a variety of styles – from a classy denim trench, to a handy cargo, robust utilitarian jumpsuit over to a flared jeans with a elegant front crease. G-STAR RAW provides us with a range of designs that fit into our wardrobe and give each of our looks that certain casual yet modern something.

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Credit: G-Star Raw

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