Gabbriette: In conversation with the internet’s trendiest chef

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Gabbriette is not only the It Girl of the moment, the modern icon of Dark Romance and a celebrated Instagram chef – but also Zalando’s new campaign face.

Thin eyebrows, leather dresses, and a certain resemblance to Angelina Jolie in the 90s – these are the trademarks of Gabbriette Bechtel. The LA-based model, dancer, and musician is currently setting the trend. After all the It Girl with Mexican and German roots is the dark, seductive counterpoint to Instagram’s beige Clean Girl aesthetic.

A Taste of You: Gabbriette stars in Zalando’s Spring/Summer 24 campaign

But it’s not quite that simple. While Gabbriette gained fame through dancing in music videos, being the lead singer of Nasty Cherry, walking the runway for brands like Diesel and starring in campaigns for Skims, Bottega Veneta and Heaven By Marc Jacobs, she is best known for her culinary skills.
Yes, you heard that right! Gabbriette’s Instagram account features not the usual outfit photos and filtered selfies that we’ve seen way too often, but rather cooking tutorials. In them, she makes juicy brownies, salads and roast beef just as she does her styling: sensual and rich. With Fräulein, she discusses what fashion and food actually have in common – as well as her role in Zalando’s newly launched „A Taste of You“ campaign.

Zalando’s Spring/Summer 24 campaign “A Taste of You” is all about celebrating individuality and self expression. How was your overall experience working on the campaign?

It was so fun! Running around with a massive cake, making a mess in the kitchen, what could be better? I’m alongside some friends and creatives that I look up to who I didn’t get to see the day of filming so it’s exciting to see what their ends of the campaign turned out to be.

In the campaign, we see you baking a fabulously gigantic cake. How does this campaign express not only your style but connect to your identity?

I do love cake and I love to bake, any opportunity I get to be around food I’ll take! Especially while wearing gorgeous clothes.

What advice would you give to your younger self about being unique and confident?

I honestly was so ballsy as a kid… I took so many risks in what I wore or how I did my makeup to school. I appreciate that my family and friends encouraged my individuality. I would say to anyone younger now to surround yourself with inspiring and loving people.

As a multi-talented creative, from music to modeling to cooking, where do you seek your inspiration?

From the people around me! From movies, from books, from traveling, from people watching.

You’re known as one of the internet’s trendiest chefs. How do both fashion and food intersect each other? 

Thank you! I think they are very different but just like fashion, food is sexy, fun to experiment with, and pleasing to all senses.

„Just like fashion, food is sexy, fun to experiment with, and pleasing to all senses.“

What does fashion mean to you and how do you use it to express your individuality?

I usually just wear what makes me comfortable, and what feels timeless. I never got into following trends closely because its just hard to shop that way. Too much pressure on buying the next coolest thing. I love having beautiful timeless pieces to mix and match.

‘Dark romance’ is a big trend for summer that we often see you drawn to through your style. What are some of your ‘go-to’ looks for this upcoming season?

Oh lala dark romance! I think I’m going to be wearing a lot of tights this season, under dresses or as pants. Keep it sleek.

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations and why?

My mom and my friends! They know what they like! And they haven’t changed.


Words by Ann-Kathrin Riedl

All images courtesy of Zalando

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