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Collina Strada teams forces with UGG!

Through our little talk, Collina Strada lets us dive into the fascinating world that surrounds the brand, being known for its bold designs and commitment to sustainability. Collina Strada is characterized not only by its use of recycled materials, but also by its unique aesthetic vision, which often includes surrealistic elements. The collaboration with UGG provides a platform to further explore this vision and find innovative ways to combine eco-friendliness and creative freedom. We talked to Collina Strada about their unique perspective to the partnership and the role sustainability plays in this creative process.

Fräulein: What do you think makes this collaboration unique compared to other collaborations in the fashion world?
Hillary Taymour: I think it was a very free campaign, UGG allowed me to make and create extremely freely.

Is there a personal connection to UGG and is there a story associated with it? 
I grew up wearing UGG every couple years, I would get a new pair for Christmas.

How has your own creative vision evolved through the collaboration with UGG?
I was able to really deep dive into the UGG shoe styles and envision a Collina perspective within that.

Collina Strada is committed to protecting the environment through the use of upcycled materials. What role does sustainability play in this collaboration with UGG? Have there been efforts to integrate environmentally friendly practices or materials?
UGG has been amazing. They have allowed me to use all of their cutting edge sustainable materials.

Were there any new insights or perspectives you gained during this process?
Learning to design for a more mass consumer.

What is the message or leitmotif of this collection? 
Have Fun!

Where did the idea of shooting the campaign on the beach come from? 
I really wanted to create sand castles the models were inside and kicking through to just feature the shoe. It was very complicated but I think we got to a really great and playful spot in the end.

Where does the fascination with the connection between humans and animals come from? Does this surrealistic one have a special meaning? 
I grew up with horses and dogs, I have always loved animals and it is such a part of the Collina essence.

How would you describe your collaborative collection in three words? 
Playful, Joyous, Bold

Finally, how do you feel about brand collaborations in general and can expect more in the future?
I love doing the right collaborations. It allows for a wider audience reach and a more accessible product in the world. It also gives me the opportunity to push larger corporations to use more sustainable materials.


Interview by JULIA PIETSCH


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