Hands are Clean & Purse is (Finally) Organized, ft. AESOP

vor 3 years

A wonderful AESOP x RAEBURN collaboration lands

My purse contents used to be very simple around this time last year: Phone, Keys, Wallet, Lipstick

Simplicity! Bliss! But now, my purse is a category 1 disaster zone.

Phone, Keys, Wallet, a specific model of mask now required for transit and shop entry, another mask that is not as ugly and difficult to breathe in for the office, a medical grade hand sanitiser in an unsightly bottle with an even worse smell, two separate pouches (one for my masks, another for the hand sanitiser- these things can’t be rolling around my purse, gathering up lint, nor leaking alcohol gel over my contents), mints (I am now much more aware of my breath as it is recycled directly back into my nose), and the one thing I have shed is the lipstick. In its place, a big tube of coconut and almond oil to moisturise my lips rather than color them. Somedays there is also a small bottle of lotion being carted around for my hands. All the alcohol dousing of sanitiser really takes a toll on my skin.

My contents feel so clinical. I am constantly reminded of the pandemic spreading around me by the portable pharmacy I am carrying around with me.

But this week, my purse just got a little nicer and a little more organised. One of my favorite skincare lines AESOP has released a hand sanitising mist, and it is infused with cedarwood, rosemary, and mandarin. I have been spritzing it upwards onto my wrist… It’s not sticky. It doesn’t smell of alcohol. It comes in that classic AESOP bottle. And it doesn’t stop there. AESOP teamed up with the sustainable fashion studio RAEBURN to release a limited roll up pouch, for you to compactly store your own pharmacy: their sanitising mist, a separate gel, my coconut almond lipcare, and an AESOP rejuvenating hand balm. I also tuck my masks into it, because there are plenty of little compartments to spare in this perfect roll-up. My problem of too much necessary stuff? Solved. Chicly and cooly. Organized. The pandemic no longer gives me any excuse for a tornado in my bag.

It comes with three products, and you can choose between a minimal blues, black & grey (this is the one I have. I am devoted to my monochrome), or a vintage map print for those that are a bit more intrepid and are already planning their next trip. These pouches will be released on 1 March, online via AESOP and in other select stores.

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