vor 3 years

Our dearest Readers! This has been a YEAR, and we have survived it!

From stories of lockdown lethargy and supermarket madness, to making do with what we have and who we have… We emerge stronger, and with eagerness to put this all behind us and celebrate, if only for a few days… Our champagne budget this year is not as pronounced, but we have leftover glitter, we have a wonderful cast of characters surrounding us, we have an incredible creative team on our side, and we have some beautiful retro outfits to share, to reflect back on when holidays were a bit more joyous. May this film, shot and directed by Stephanie Sian Smith, lift your spirits and breathe a little bit of beauty back into your soul. The holidays are only as glamorous as you make them. Enjoy! xo



Photographer & Director: Stephanie Sian Smith
Creative Director: Lillie Hand
Hair: Oskar Pera
MUA: Mary Jane Gotidoc
Production: Mont-Dore MediaJack Brett AndersonNammie Khudree 
Set: Jae Wilkinson, Mia Clark
Photographer’s Assistant: Ferran Verges
Video Editor: Sam Cobb
On Set Assistants: Karen St Hill, Flora Miles

Cast: Akuuol Deng AtemJordan GrantMaya HenryMaxim Magnus

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