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Socks, as a ubiquitous and essential part of our wardrobe often goes unnoticed for those with a reserved choice of style or, even worse, a dress code.

The desire for expression, however, takes over at the most unexpected places, something that fully goes with „dressing for oneself“.

With a great portion of humor and a love-hate relationship magically calling a smirk on every grumpy face HAPPY SOCKS newest collection, the SPRING/SUMMER 2022 tells us that the UGLY IS IN. Just like dad’s sandals or net baskets, we secretly love these seemingly nostalgic items of our wardrobe. The brand is cheerfully inviting you to break every fashion rule in the name of choice freedom and irony, only for those not taking themselves too seriously. Take the feeling of being your most authentic self you can be in the embrace of your favorite armchair wherever you go.

The color palette of the collection keeps the magic bright, bold, and happy, there comes the first highly discussed color. Purple? No. Butter Yellow it is, followed by powerful Magenta, Lilac, and Toilet Green, a hue inspired by bathroom sets of the 70s. The highly contentious animal frog is also taking place in this collection.

If we are speaking fashion rules there must be exceptions – be a rebel and follow the pattern that speaks to you the most, sometimes it´s really the small things that keep you smiling. Just glance under your busy office table and observe your Happy Socks peaking from under the mundane slacks.
The oddity is happiness.

Photography by Isabelle Wenzel

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