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Maybe we are living in Hell. That explains this year and the plagues, and it would certainly answer the question of WHY IS IT SO HOT RIGHT NOW?

Last weekend, I could not leave my flat. I did not open my curtains. I stepped outside once and I immediately regretted it. The lakes are packed, the pools are already reserved, public transit requires breathing in recycled face mask air, I lost my bicycle in a forest rave, all my clothing is black, my hair is too long (yay!), and honestly, my threshold for any inconveniences along with my desire for sweating through any of my minimal clothing, is at an all time low. I think it’s best that I just don’t exist for a few days. No one ask me to hang out. I’m doing okay, I’m just not interested.

And let us not forget, that when it is not the weekend, we are working in a non-air conditioned office, seeking out goodness to share with you. We are collectively moping and crying together. I know what everyone’s particular body odour smells like. Misery loves company. And we currently have a lot of it going around. This week, instead of talking about our exciting dates, our upcoming dreamy day trips, or any encroaching cultural experiences, we are talking about our binges in the dark. We all now have this in common: our bed, our laptops, our handheld fans. It’s only a little sad, when you consider how tragic the alternative is: winter, it is four months away.

We figured: since we are all stuck indoors for one reason or another (quarantine, heatwave, locusts), we would like to share with our readers some of our team’s binges. We also decided to share the love further by gifting one of our readers a subscription to Netflix so that you can keep your chill going, regardless of the state of the ozone or union. Scroll to the bottom to figure out how to win!

Connected on Netflix

This wonderful documentary series on Netflix is about the connections of humans, nature, technologies…I know there are a ton of series like this out there, but this one has the most likable host (a cute gawky Indian-American guy with the wildest curls and huge glasses), great graphics, and amazing interviews. The most mind-blowing thing for me was how the rainforest would not exist without fossils in the Sahara desert (?!) and how a certain type of bird can predict how bad the next hurricane season will be. AKL


Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix

In the Documentary section of Netflix, you can easily strike gold. This documentary on the billionaire sex trafficker is no exception. Conspiracy theories, organised crime, sex and scandals… all on the menu. Plus, this case is still relevant! The jury is still out, the girlfriend of Epstein/the madame of the sex ring is currently on trial, and those associated keep getting stranger and stranger… MB

Unorthodox on Netflix

Based on the bestselling memoir of Deborah Feldman, this mini series focuses on a young woman fleeing her former ultraorthodox Jewish community in Williamsbourg, Brooklyn, and finding herself in Berlin. Life in New York did not mean endless opportunities for her, but strict rules to observe and an arranged marriage without love or intimacy. I initially just wanted to take a look into it (as one does), but then I happened to binge watch the whole thing (as one does.) Esty manages to flee to Berlin and finds people who take her on a journey of a lot of firsts: the first time in a club, the first time searching for a job, and the first time having sex because she actually wants it. If you are in mixed company, everyone will find something to enjoy. Berlin hot spots are depicted and they are particularly wonderful. PG


Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

Meet eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design, ranging from costume, stage and automobile design to architecture and illustration in this new Netflix original documentary series. Visually rich, very inspiring, this series earned even an Emmy nomination. OM

Heartbeats (Les Amours Imaginaires) on Netflix

Ideally, I could recommend each and every film made by Xavier Dolan. Of course I cannot help but mention ‘Mommy’ but my personal favourite is one of his first films entitled ‘Heartbeats’ (Les Amours Imaginaires). It is quintessential Dolan: a vintage aesthetic, heartbreaking relationships, and a very DIY spirit in the way the film is made. The plot of Heartbeats involves two friends fighting for the attention of the same man, which leaves them not only questioning their friendship, but also their morals and personal lives. MB


Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit on Netflix

Every dog has his day— but what about cats? Watch this if you can’t get enough of cat videos and memes. Get ready to explore Canada’s FASCINATING cat-loving subculture. OM

What We Do in the Shadows on FX

I am existing solely in my bedroom with black out curtains, and I am hissing at the sun anytime I walk into the kitchen for more water. I am only leaving my abode when the sun goes down to escape to forests, and I am feeling more than ever akin to my vampiric comrades. And yes, I realise that the theatrics of vampires within the entertainment industry can be corny, but that is what makes the mockumentary series What We Do in the Shadows totally hilarious. A clan of vampires moves to a haunted house in Staten Island NY, with the aim to take over Manhattan. The style is actually really good (Victorian capes, lots of brooches), and the 30 minute long episodes mean you can watch more than one in a sitting without needing to move for more snacks. JS

To be entered into our Netflix giveaway, comment on our coordinating Facebook post with what you are currently binging, or what you wish you were. Viel gluck!


Intro of Lament by Janna Shaw
Images Courtesy of Netflix and FX

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