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How will we dress in the future?

Bright, sparkling and optimistic. H&M Studio presents its latest collection, called Neo Real.

Inspired by the space age and modern Mars missions, the collection blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Bold colors and sleek silhouettes are combined with heavy fabrics and modern accessories for a vibrant interpretation of minimalism to create a futuristic wardrobe.

Living in a time when reality and technology are merging and that is constantly evolving, a trip to space seems no longer absurd.  H&M  thought about what for such a trip to a foreign space now can not miss.. They decided on a mix of practical clothes and eye-catching pieces that reflect this futuristic development, in which we are currently in.

Every Piece of the collection is created out of sustainable materials. Tencel was used as well as recycled polyester and recycled wool. The special jewelry pieces were made from recycled zinc and recycled brass. The pieces inspire with an electrifying color palette of bright tones and pastel colors. In contrast are dark browns and neutral metallic colors. Key pieces are created for a unique adventure: a cozy fuchsia colored anorak, a chocolate double-breasted coat with shoulder pads and a turquoise maxi fleece jacket. Moreover a high – fashion variant of a three-piece suit, an oversized blazer in combination with flared trousers or a versatile skirt. For an elegant occasion H&M designed a silver sequin dress with flounces or a metallic shiny shirt with matching pants a unique star power. There will be several eye-catching pieces, reminding at a real futuristic world: Glittery overknees in chocolate brown, a bright pink padded clutch, a pair of Sci-Fi sunglasses and a braided necklace set with rhinestones, that can transform any look. The color silver is frequently seen throughout the collection. It stands for a modern and optimistic mindset and thus connects the idea of a collection for space.

The collection will launch on the 13th of October 2022

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