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This week’s most inspiring, comical, beautiful, strange, culturally relevant, or totally irrelevant highlights our editors found on Instagram this week:

What a week, what a month, what a year. But my hope for a better tomorrow is still alive. – Sina Braetz, Fashion Director

Alien hunters believe they have hit the jackpot in their search for life on Mars. A few days ago conspiracy theorists discovered technology far beyond humanity’s capability in digital shots from Mars. Well, let’s hope then that they’re the better leader that most of the headmen on planet earth, then. – Olivier Mohrińge, Fashion Intern

Artist Dain Yoon uses her own face as a canvas to create illusions through makeup. Through her artistry, she is FaceTimes herself, pranks the dentist with hairy teeth, or disappears behind a license plate. – Ann-Katrin Lietz, Editorial Staff

Clärchens Ballhaus, one of Berlin’s most iconic cultural symbols, is back again, thanks to cultural investor Yoram Roth who bought the dance hall to not only protect this precious piece of contemporary history but to improve what had to be improved since a while (not only the food).
– Sina Braetz, Fashion Director

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Fluffy coat, Bling-Bling jewelry, and matchy nails. Public transport has always been a space full of bacteria but through coronavirus, it has become an even more yukky place. Don’t only cover mouth and nose but also protect your valuables from getting infested. – Olivier Mohrińge, Fashion Intern

With the name stating the obvious, this account is an ode to John Galliano’s magical footprint left at Dior in the 2000s. Enjoy the nostalgic selection of genius creations. – Ann-Kathrin Lietz, Editorial Staff


A divided talk is going on in our office about Jacquemus who just dropped his latest collection. Some are indifferent, some appreciate the ideas behind the French brand, and some are totally uninterested… and then there’s me, the French guy who can’t stop scrolling through Simon’s incredible Instagram profile. All you can see is summer, colors, and “joie de vivre”.

(NOTE: My cute necklace with a silver mini Chiquito is already gone! Everybody, act FAST! Make friends in high places! ahah) Noé Cassi, Art Direction Intern

The best part of waking up is coffee in your cup and poached eggs reminding you to FTP! ACAB Cuisine is exactly how it sounds. Gourmet chefs prove to have societal values, too. – Janna Shaw, Editor

Javier Mayoral is a pop artist who paints fetishy, cheeky, sometimes offensive, always unapologetic and unabashed images onto wood. His pieces are unmissable. I really love the series he does on Hollywood cocks. Prepare to fall down the pulpbrother rabbit hole. – Janna Shaw, Editor

According to the weekend, I wanted to encourage the idea to rather drink a glass of wine and see what life is up to than overthink what it has to be and what not. Now I want to mention that nobody would ever need the wine again if there would be a baby like this. Anyway, if we find our chills the babycat will come by itself. Don‘t stress! – Maia Cavic, Editorial Intern

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