‘Joannè’ by Adriana Roslin and Saik Gonzalez

vor 4 years
Beauty, Power, Stamina: The Divine Woman

Photographer Adriana Roslin teamed up with stylist Saik Gonzalez to shoot the model Joanne Dion in the midst of her pregnancy. Beauty thus was born. Regardless of a woman’s decision to rear a child in this precarious time, we will always support a woman in her endeavors to birth creative ideas, stimulate inspiration from others, and to leave a lasting mark of beauty and provocation on the world.

Dress Ilaria Lepore 

Blazer Ilaria Lepore Swimsuit Pursuit The Label 

Coat Ilaria Lepore Necklace Giovanni Raspini

Dress Brian de Carvalho 

Right: Jewellery Giovanni Raspini 

Left: Bags Hemper

Right: Dress Cygan Londo

Left: Sculpture Henry Galano 

Right: Dress Brian de Carvalho 

Blazer Mollie-May Boyd 

Left: Sculpture Henry Galano 

Right: Coat Ilaria Lepore Necklace Giovanni Raspini 

Sleeves Lavanda Contrabanda 

Photography Adriana Roslin
Styling Saik Gonzalez
Model Joannè Dion
Hair Yuuki Yanase
Make up Luz Giraldo
Production & Photographer Rep Canada
Set Design Lyndon Ogbourne
Fashion assistant Ally Lux
Studio Cre8 Studio London

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