vor 5 months

Creative Director John Galliano delving into the ritual of dressing and the garments we don as a tangible manifestation of emotion.

Through the exploration of silhouette, texture, and avant-garde couture techniques, the collection transports us on a contemplative, moonlit stroll along the Seine in Paris, introducing a captivating ensemble of refined muses arranged in an enchanting tableau. The makeup for the showcase embraces a contemporary interpretation of porcelain glass skin by Pat McGrath. Brows are lightened, replaced by slender arches meticulously drawn with neutral-toned shadows. The eyes showcase painterly variations in a dazzling palette of jewel tones, pastels, or evocative charcoals. A doll-like flush is achieved by applying cream blush to the center of the cheeks. Lips feature subversive hues of blood-red and black, enhanced with a clear gloss for a surreal pout. To conclude the metamorphosis, the skin is enveloped in a hyper-shiny glaze, replicating the sleek, reflective allure of glass and concluding the models’ extraordinary transformation.

Image courtesy of Maison Margiela


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