Karens gone wild

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Can she speak to the manager? No thats not a question. She is demanding it.

White, middle aged woman, teased up short hair, obnoxious loud kids and a 8-person SUV. Who is she? Karen is her name. Here and there we all have seen her. Sometimes they even dare to speak. If so, they want to speak mostly to the manager. But only if he is white. Fräulein Magazine curated the best moments of Karen’s going wild.

Hammer Karen

This species comes only out when her white fragility kicks in. Hammer Karen had enough of having black neighbors, so she decided to take action: One hammer in her left, another one in her right, while hoping she can scare her neighbors so they will ‘get the f*ck out of this neighborhood’. No worries, Karma had a good ending for her. Watch below.

“I have a black husband”-Karen

This Karen definitely take the crazy crown for all Karens. She appeared as she was cutting down a young men while driving, when the men confronted her, she started screaming for help as she was apparently about to get attacked, which obviously wasn’t the case. She tried to defend herself by yelling even louder that she has a black husband, which was definitely out of context. The highlight of this video: “He wants to call me Karen and put it online” Act a fool girl, act a fool.

Karen with the Kamera

…and she has a Toyota Prius too! This Karen comes with her camera to a street near you! The streets are hers and she will take care of it. When got caught, she stars getting scared. Stay away from her, she is sneaky.

Non Me Gusta-Karen

This species knows exactly what they want: the fish. Everyone who tries to get just a single piece out of the sea, they are better prepared, cause most likely they will ask you if you’re black or white. Because that matters.

Not only Karen’s

Is there anything worse than a Karen? Yes, a Darren. Nothing is scarier than middle-aged, white men. Especially if they want to enter a shop without a face mask. Be aware, he will attack you.

Text: Fabio Pace

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