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Tackling racism in the fashion industry. The declining art scene in Berlin. A conversation with Johann König. Street art in New York City. Inspirational architecture. And much more.

Love the Fig

Friends have come to know me as a duchess of figs. Become your own duchess of figs. Read up on their history, and the biological impact they have had on the evolution of a number of species, including our very own. JS


It’s Time to End Racism in the Fashion Industry. But How?

Understanding how to tackle the topic of racism within the fashion industry and making sure everyone who’s involved is happy. SK


Black Fashion Industry Leaders Want to Move From Cancel Culture to Accountability With New Coalition

A group co-founded by Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles will collaborate with companies to advance black professionals and release a yearly index score measuring diversity. SB

K-pop Stans And Teens On Tiktok Are Trolling Trump Again

Since Trump’s failed rally, people all over the internet are trying to get him blocked on all social media channels. Now it’s the turn of the k-pop stans. FP


Können Avatare Lebendige Models Ersetzen? (German)

In London, there is now the first model agency for virtual “people”. As digital fashion shows become more regular, avatars are now often replacing IRL models. Will this promote sustainability and equality? SB


Art in the Time of Advertisements 

Jordan Seiler reclaims the street, plastering art in places that would normally be sponsored by Victorias Secret and Google. Armed with 3D printed keys and wheat paste, he and a select army of artists beautify areas that would otherwise be drab soul-sucking adverts. We salute you, Seiler! JS


Art World Says Goodbye To Berlin

‘Is the city that has attracted collectors, gallerists and avant-garde artists losing some of its allure?’ reports the FT. SK


Der deutsche Kunsthandel stirbt (German)

Johann König discusses the crisis of the art market and why the german art trade is dying. A perfect read for German readers. SB

A New Exhibition Is Set To Put Unseen Photos Of Divine On Show

In a new exhibition, fashion house Loewe shows unseen photos of iconoclastic camp star Divine. Longtime collaborator and good friend, photographer Greg Gorman talked to DazedDigital about the exhibition. SB


‘Voguing Has Always Been A Protest’

Voguing has always been a protest. The NYT focusses during  #BlackLivesMatter and the importance of the Ballroom scene, which was founded by Latin & Afro-American trans-women in New York’s Harlem. An interview with ballroom icons, Leiomy is included. FP


Inspirational Architecture 

Even if it is just about dreaming: these unique creations are simply outstanding. SB


I Was Touched Without My Consent, But I Won’t Be Speaking Out On Social Media

A personal account of sexual harassment and their choice to not speak out publicly. SK

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