“LA SOIF” – Lingerie collection by DU CIEL

vor 2 years

The independent lingerie & swimwear label DU CIEL presents their unisex collection “La Soif”.

Lots of sheer fabrics, comfort and mesh dominate the new pieces!

“La Soif” – which means “thirst” in French stands for the moment of absolute desire. DU CIEL finds the following words to describe this condition: “When everything that is around you ceases to exist and your senses are focused on your counterpart. The sweet glow takes hold of your body, while every breath becomes ecstasy.” The lingerie & swimwear brand is based in Düsseldorf, Germany and was founded by Maria Sinkovskiy in 2019. The new collection impresses with five exclusive pieces, which are made of lightweight black and white mesh: the comfortable laser-cut DÉSIR BRA, COUVERT boxers, PUR string, DOUX slip and the high-waisted LÉGER slip.

What does DU CIEL stand for? Sheer fabrics, enigmatic stories, comfort paired with excitement sum up the concept of the brand. All of the pieces are produced  in Italy and Germany and are limited in their edition. DU CIEL perfectly describes their goal with the following words:

To capture the joy of anticipation for a brush of beloved lips, an amorous sigh, and the softest tinge of silk into lightweight lingerie, valuing the intimate relationship between the wearer and the garment. Guided solely by emotion, daydreams are translated into delicate pieces made of the finest fabrics and nothing else but love in mind.”

Picture courtesy of Vitali Gelwich

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