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Maison Kitsuné, known for its playful designs with a hint of streetwear inspired from the thread between Paris and Tokyo, will be releasing ”Daytime Tails”, their new collection in collaboration with creative director and fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan.

A cockroach and a rat having dinner together while smoking a cigarette?

That is what AUREL SCHMIDT, an artist from New York has been illustrating. For this campaign the fox which is the logo of MAISON KITSUNÉ, is partying together with his friends, some household pests. This setting where animals are celebrating, living life and just enjoying themselves is coming through in the upcoming collection  ”Daytime Tails” as a group of friends is dressing up and entertaining themselves. 

Together with OLYMPIA LE-TAN, Maison Kitsuné created a broad variety of comfortable clothes which will make you feel confident but also wanting to get up and dance – including olive green shirtdresses, workwear coats and some classics such as fisherman knitted cardigans. On top of this the fashion label will release a jacket with collaged vintage photos printed on it as a homage to Harajuku youth culture – which again establishes the link between Maison Kitsuné and Tokyo.


Credit: Alice Hawkins 

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