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A symbiotic, nomadic collective and creative atelier travels to a different city for each new collection.

In 2022, Berlin is next on the travel list. But what is PLĀS actually about?


It is all about two values in particular, which are very important to PLĀS: transparency in terms of how the collective and the production process works, and credibility in the artistic scene. But what or who is PLĀS actually? It is an evolving ecosystem of artists, artisans and designers. Interaction and exchange of ideas is the highest priority. PLĀS describes itself in the following words:

“It functions both as a super-organism formed by creatives who grow and act together, and as a shared environment that nurtures and supports them”. PLĀS is a response to the current climate of commercialization of art and culture that prioritizes the logic of profit and robs the creative process of ethics and authenticity.”

This year the Milan-based collective presents their new collection UNSEEN REALITIES in SomoS in Berlin. From November 3rd until November 13th you can get inspired and buy their clothing and artwork there. It is all about the minimization of our environmental impact. The combination of handcraft with deadstock fabrics is their approach to do that. PLĀS introduces the Oracle Stitch in their collection including bralettes, gloves and scarfs – 100% sourced and made in Italy with 100% organic recycled cotton. Also important to know is how the weaving process works: for the Oracle Stitch the needles are moved in a random and intuitive way, driven by the subconsious. What you can expact? To quote PLĀS : “An absolutely unique and unrepeatable pattern, drawn by chaos – or unknown purpose?


Picture courtesy of Pablo Garcia Contreras


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