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On Tuesday, August 10th the art market MISA #3 opens at KÖNIG GALERIE in St. Agnes, Berlin offering a uniquely curated homage to art as a force of cultural discourse. 

MISA #3 gives visibility to 250 works of art by over 200 transnational artists divided into thirteen different booths. The booths are thematically organized and contrasted with each other according to genre, movement, spirit, and impulse. As a creative journey spanning seventy years of art history, MISA #3 claims relevance to emerging artists while also granting established creatives a platform. By proclaiming a space where all voices can be heard, the diverse perceptions of the world and culture along with the variety of artistic expression shape the structure of the meta-narrative of MISA #3. The director of MISA, Lena Winter, who also has great expertise in the field of art auctioning, states that: „I want to make art accessible to everyone which is why MISA offers a multi-faceted program.“ 

Along with the exhibition of MISA #3, a heterogeneity of artist talks, performances, lectures and panels will be accessible in both online and offline formats. The online marketplace also launches on Monday, August 10th, as an extension of the program MISA #3 for both digital art and traditional art, which will continue throughout the year. This new online setup of art auctioning conquers the historically entangled structure of market and place and serves as an apparatus for democratizing markets by fusing the primary and secondary art market. The online platform offers thoughtful guidance through the program by introducing all the contributing artists, displaying all artworks, and by disclosing all the curated booths.


Both programs MISA #3 and join forces for paving the path for an expansion of the art canon and the possibility of rewriting art history by providing a forum to a  multiplicity of artistic visions.

MISA #3 will be on view from August 10th until August 22nd, 2021 in St. Agnes, Berlin.


VISIT: or @misa.artmarket


Image Courtesy of the Artists and MISA

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