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Calvin Klein’s Murals of Pride celebrates the courage to stand for oneself.

To renounce all boundaries, whether self-imposed or imposed by others, to be free and without social oppression. Because pushing for change and advocating for more inclusive and diverse future for all is more important than ever.

Calvin Klein stands for pride, courage and personality. The latest collaboration with four queer artists from all over Europe and the Institute of Digital Fashion is a new way to celebrate this. It is paramount and more urgent than ever to generate international attention and spark global conversation, because that’s what it’s all about. The artists presented in the following primarily share their very individual and personality-shaping experiences in order to provide a platform for marginalised voices, in addition to showcasing their inspiring and life-affirming artworks in the form of murals. QR codes scattered on the artwork will take you directly to the artworks via!


Sarah Naqvi is a young artist from Mumbai and Amsterdam, and is dedicated to socio-critical motifs such as gender, sexuality and body-positivity. Using whimsical props and skillful satire, she succeeds not only in social-religious polarisation but also in creating instant familiarity through the revelation of truths. In her work, she processes her most formative event: her revelation to her family and gentle introduction to the queer community.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley have dedicated themselves to lived and real experiences of black trans people, at the same time fiction, as well as interactivity, so that the viewer is only left to actively absorb their work. Through the application of bright and energetic colours, cohesion, unity and pride are postulated and celebrated. After all, “we are not often told that looking trans is powerful”. Their most defining event is the palpable metamorphosis, the moment of their own and self-chosen name change.

Tanaka Fuego’s writing gives life to past history. As an internationally known and admired speaker, he is particularly concerned with writing as part of his own self-determination. But his work is also a tribute to individual pasts of his queer ancestors, giving them a platform of expression even in retrospect. The personality-forming event for him was when he recognised writing as an expression of his own autonomy.

Dafne Boggeri is a curator and independent publicist whose central motif in her works is the element of encounter, which she stylises through ancient Greek mytical figures. In doing so, she stimulates the possibility of alternative ways of looking at things that are not necessarily easy to predict. “When I came out of my comfort zone. The moment in which anything could happen. Taking the risk….” A tribute to allowing extreme feelings and looking at the whole picture.

All pictures courtesy of Calvin Klein by Samuel Smelty

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