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Miu Miu tells stories about how diverse characters can be in their latest Fall/Winter 2021 campaign.

Stories of diverse realities that speak for themselves and come from everyday fantasies. Because human imagination is the most impressive ability and an endless source of inspiration. It is full of magic and can surprise us again and again every day. It sometimes leads us astray and yet gives us the courage to redefine our individual existence. There are no limits to our imagination and it is expressed through our choice of clothing. To be as we want to be, in all our endearing dimensions.

In a series of five short films titled „A Breave Heart“, Emma Corrin tells these stories – stories about self-perception and the perception of others, that want to be heard, seen and celebrated. Thus, for MIU MIU, the young actress embodies herself in all her playfull-courageous, but also fragile-seductive and, precisely for that reason, strong personal facets as part of a coherent ensemble. After all, the roles we embody as a social being are one continuous theater performance. The world as our stage, or maybe better runway, as through clothing we can give free rein to our true personality.


All pictures Courtesy of Steven Meisel

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