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Between heady optimism and unknown future worlds.

In his latest fashion movie for Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2021, Wim Wenders tells the story of a young film director, embodied by Gaia Girace, who, in addition to realizing her ambitions, finds time for love. The Director, who has been nominated for an Oscar several times, leads us into a futuristic postmodernity. It is a reflection of a sci-fi world, that awaits us, and its potentially diverse interpretations.

The future is something terrifying. On the one hand, we can hardly hold on when it comes to finally making our own visions of life come true. On the other hand, it is incredibly difficult to renounce the power of habit. The future often suggests various horror scenarios full of anonymity and unanswered questions, especially in view of turbulent and technology-dominated times. After all, we have no choice. We live in pasts and presences that flow unceasingly into the future. What remains: Lightness and healthy optimism.

FERRAGAMO‘s new campaign reflects exactly this spirit. Lightness despite ambition. Optimism instead of unspeakable pessimism. Because behind the obstacles overcome in a fighting manner, a result awaits with which one can be extremely satisfied. A positive aura that gives us openness and resistance to the new. A provocative yet future-believing and hopeful-energetic story: “A Future Together”.

All pictures Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo & Vito Fernicola

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