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Right when the long-awaited weekend is just around the corner, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our mind and keep us on our toes. So, let the weekend beginn!

Boee x Johanna Gauder

The Berlin based goldsmith and jewelry designer JOHANNA GAUDER teams up with BOEE, contemporary mobile brand in a symbiotic collaboration.
The result of their efforts is a free flowing, harmonious sculpture consisting of two rounded borosilicate glass tubes connected by chain element exuding calmness and serenity with their breathlike shadows. Perfectly suitable static living and working spaces, the constellation brings flow and vibrancy to your environments. 

Sevdaliza “The Great Hope Design”

Pressure, frustration and immeasurable expectations crushing down on a woman’s shoulders – is the parole of Sevdaliza´s Song “ The Great Hope Design„ which she launched as a foretaste to her upcoming EP “Raving Dahila” on February 25, 2022 via “Twisted Elegance”, her own record label discussing female liberation and her own role in the society.
The artist has proven her expressive excellence, counting to the strongest impacts of current music scene.

IMMI Collection by Juuls & Karats

Juuls & Karats is launching a promising collaboration with The Future rocks merging sacred jewelry traditions and modern day approaches and solutions. The new IMMI Collection features a necklace , medallion and a set inspired by the intra-generational intimacy of mothers and daughters.
Each of the two sided, handmade medallions is carefully designed to show a chosen initial when spinning, portraying the connectedness between the past and present. 14kt gold incrusted with a set of lab grown diamonds,

Lala Berlin “Breakaway” Campaign

With love to comfort, lala Berlin introduces a gifting campaign letting us sink into homely pleasures. Staycation or lazy Sundays, home office or indulgence on the go.
Softest cashmere knits, laid back loungewear and silky pyjamas and in earthy green and dusty pink, woolen scarves and socks inspire you to give warmth and thought to your loved ones. 


Two streetwear favourites: Emporio Armani and C.P. Company merge in a celebratory collaboration coinciding their fortieth and fiftieth anniversaries. With passion to performance and functionality, the two brands morph their best values in a mens line full of upgraded urban staples, with close attention to materials, dyes and innovative fabric treatments.
Emporio’s urban colors, pure lines and essential design meet C.P.´s military inspired cuts and details such as iconic goggle hoods in carefully designed functionwear: cargo trousers, bomber jackets, raincoats in deep blues and whites, carried out through high-performance materials harmonically fuse into sleek high end pieces.

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