On Fräuleins Mind: Bold Treassures and Styles

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Right when the long-awaited weekend is just around the corner, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our mind and keep us on our toes. So, let the weekend beginn!


This season Santa Cruz presents a series of new prints and hero pieces: The “Screaming Paisley” motif dominates the popular Coombe Pants and can also be found on the “Screaming Paisley” quilted jacket as well as on tote bags and the matching Bucket Hat.
The iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards logo shows its softer side this season: the circle becomes a sweeping round heart for the “Heart Dot” capsule, which adorns T-shirts, sweatshirts, keychains and socks in understated tones such as
silver, blue and black. The “Checkerbloom” capsule combines floral motifs with the casual style by Santa Cruz and includes long and short sleeve shirts that are perfect for layering looks.

YUNÈ PINKU releases debut single.

Yunè is an 18yr old half Malaysian / Irish producer and songwriter exploring clubland past and present through her wry eyed, voyeuristic lens. Utilising sounds from 90s acid house to UKG, she unites her rave sentiments with mournful, introspective lyricism and hypnotic melodies. The music is an ode to the urgent dancefloors that have so been missed, yet combined with the inner anxiety and weariness of its hiatus. Yunè has recently collaborated with Logic1000 on new track “What You Like” and did her first guest mix for Joy Orbison this year. Now the talent debuts her fist single “LAYLO”. The track is a hypnotic, pulsing ode to the urgent dancefloors that have been so missed, with rave-inspired production and Pinku’s melachancolic lyricism providing the perfect juxtaposition, transforming the song into a celestial, multi-faceted soundscape.

Jil Sander and Arc’teryx are glad to announce their first joint project

The companies have worked together on a special womenswear, menswear, and unisex capsule for Jil Sander, the collection conceived by Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier for active life outdoors. In their search for a strong partner to produce exceptional purpose-built apparel, the Meiers chose Arc’teryx for their 30-year commitment to craftsmanship, product integrity, and functionality, to authentic performance and innovation.
Focused on skiing, snowboarding, and mountain sports, the collection consists of three jackets – one unisex, one for women, and one for men, a pair of bibbed trousers and a one-piece suit, both unisex. Lucie and Luke Meier have designed new volumes and shapes and with the engineering of the Arc’teryx team, have optimized the garments for function and construction. The collection features waterproof and breathable 3L Gore-text Pro fabric accented with overlays of supple weatherproof leather. Details and trims, pockets and zippers, have been all carefully studied to guarantee maximum performance. The interiors of the garments show the lines drawn by Arc’teryx’s signature ergonomic patterning and micro-seam tape construction, highlighting the meticulous, specialized build. The 3 solid colours of the collection underline the found synthesis between purpose and design : white, black, and a blue-grey reminiscent of the depth of glaciers.

Bold and puristic: Arket Jewelry Collection

We welcome the turn of the year with with glitter and glamor, but in the Scandinavian way: discreet and statement at the same time, not only for special occasions but just every day, always loved and worn. Especially in winter, with long knitted dresses and thick sweaters, chunky statement jewelry is perfect to set sparkling accents that give our cozy cuddly looks that certain something. Then, in typical ARKET fashion, the rest of the outfit can be quite uncomplicated and minimalist: a cashmere turtleneck sweater with straight-cut jeans, T-shirt and blazer, for more festive occasions a simple silk dress whose subtle sheen harmoniously offers the statement jewelry a fitting stage.


A collaboration full of confidence and created to make statements. With Brian Atwood at its side, SCAROSSO is launching its first Decolette silhouette. Atwood’s sense of sensuality and drama meets SCAROSSO’s sense of exquisite craftsmanship and tradition.


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