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Calvin Klein has dominated the fashion world with its puristic designs since 1968. Hardly any brand can boast such a constant line and far-reaching history. Calvin Klein has always stood for timeless comfort and seductive minimalism in their unmistakable clean aesthetic.

Almost half a year ago, Calvin Klein and Heron Preston already merged the identities of both brands. Purity and timelessness meet American minimalism. Here, the most diverse influences and the stories of both brands merge and complement each other in a collection that acts as a middle ground between both. Heron Preston’s influences as a designer, artist, creative director and DJ are reflected in his designs and shape the unique personality that the brand radiates to the outside world.

In the current collaboration of the two icons, he finds himself as a creative consultant and asked himself the question of what really is essential. A streetwear collection that incorporates the principles of both brands, and to do so, looks at the brand’s DNA through an innovative lens, focusing on what really ends up finding a place in our everyday lives. It’s about the modern translation of classic designs into a forward-thinking time.
To this end, both brands also break away from unnecessary gender stereotypes. Again, the collection focuses on the essentials and instead of dividing the collection into gender specific points, it’s about fashion for everything and everyone, comfort, in your own body and in what surrounds it. Garments that will take us timelessly through this fall and also the next ones.
But not only the designs will accompany us long and carefree, also the materials such as the organic cotton being used for knitwear and denim silhouettes, as well as recycled polyester or nylon characterizing this collaboration.

Preston says, “For Fall, it was about introducing new materials and dissected, timeless essentials that are interesting. We thought about how Calvin Klein shows up in the world, in a modern way. What I love most about Season 2 is the versatility of each piece and the different styling options through the layering that we designed into the collection.” 

The color range also lets us dive even deeper into autumn, finding ourselves in the perfectly coordinated middle of both brands. From classic modern black and white designs, to intense blue, sunflower orange, soft pale yellow, shades of gray or warm brown, everything looks like one unit, coherent in itself.

The campaign highlights a group of young people who will shape or even change the next generation through their personalities, courage, or Optimus. These are young people who make their mark and open up new perspectives, captured by award-winning director and filmmaker Ricky Saiz. Protagonist Nas, who virtually guides the viewer through the film, taking us on a journey through his youth, presenting the lived experience of clothing.

Here are the other talents, celebrating themselves and youth culture:

A 22- year-old skateboarder, enjoying the past paced lifestyle of a city and delayed train rides.

Austin bis the co-founder of the „Onyx“ Collective, consisting of artists and musicians, united through their shared intent of creative expression. He as an artist and musician himself loves the challenging aspect how music is created and as well experienced.

Only being 19 years old, Devyn been signed with DNA models in the senior year of her high school in Florida.

Singer and Designer HVN from Houston picks up the theme persistence both in his designs of his own brand „Don’t Die“, as well as through his debut album „Welcome to HVN“.


This couple complements each other. Koa is fighting for environmental justice through his 2nd gap year he took off to travel and to as well engage for indigenous sovereignty movements. Ty has a wide range of interest for different things like swimming, knitting, surfing, painting and many more, outside modeling.

The protagonist of the story is a true New Yorker Icon. With his groundbreaking album „Illmatic“ in the 90’s, he had been changing the music scene for forever.

French-American singer and songwriter Raph is currently working on her debut album, so be curious what she’s preparing.

Savion is versatile talented: she is a famous tap dancer, choreographer and even actor. He infects those around himself with his enthusiasm. With his production company he tours schools across the country to share this feeling for tap dancing with others.


Credit: Fall 2021 Heron Preston for Calvin Klein, Ricky Saiz

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