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This week we have some exciting news in terms of music on our mind!

Laurel Halo releases her new album ‘Atlas’ on her newly minted label Awe, out September 22nd on vinyl & digital.

Laurel Halo, born in Detroit and now based in Los Angeles, is a versatile American composer, producer, musician, and DJ. Her musical journey spans diverse influences, from Detroit techno to film scores, crafting a unique blend of pressure, decay, and emotion that explores themes of transmission and impermanence.

Since her iconic debut album ‘Quarantine’ in 2012, she’s released a range of genre-defying works, including ‘Raw Silk Uncut Wood’ (2018) and the haunting ‘Possessed OST’ (2020). Laurel Halo’s performances have graced global venues and festivals like the Sydney Opera House, Sónar, and Montreux Jazz Festival. She’s collaborated with artists such as John Cale and Metahaven and curated DJ Kicks (2019), showcasing her prowess as a DJ and composer.

‘Atlas’ marks Halo’s return to the music scene after a five-year hiatus. This album seamlessly blends electronic and acoustic elements and showcases collaborations with talented artists such as saxophonist Bendik Giske, violinist James Underwood, cellist Lucy Railton, and vocalist Coby Sey. Unlike the rest of Halo’s discography, Atlas is a work of art that flourishes in the subtlest moments, eschewing grandiosity and instead embracing a sense of wonder.


Album Cover courtesy by Martine Syms
Press Photos by Norrel Blair

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