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Natasha Zinko’s Camp SS24 collection – Where fashion meets function in the concrete wilderness

Situated at the heart of London’s Soho “Garden”, adorned with camping tents, a vigorous industrial beat resonates as models storm the runway with forceful and fierce steps, setting a notable trend. Walking in stilettos was already challenging, but some models braved missing heels while others struggled in flip flops and tube socks to complete their attire. Witnessing the designer reimagine everyday workwear was truly captivating; it was almost like Natasha Zinko scoured a surplus store for materials rather than a traditional fabric outlet.
Basic clothing items underwent deconstruction, evolving into high-end fashion silhouettes, and camping gear such as carabiners found artistic use as accessories. Undergarments became outerwear, and functional pockets adorned nearly everything. To complete the look, distressed beanies were paired with messy, gelled hairstyles. The collection featured a color palette inspired by nature, infused with custom camo-inspired prints.

Among my top picks were a padded puffer leotard with a moto-inspired chest and ab muscle padding, boasting full head coverage and built-in shades. Another favorite was a vegan leather jacket with extraordinarily long bell sleeves crafted from what appeared to be repurposed backpacks. Another striking ensemble was the olive green hooped tent dress, complemented by makeup giving the model a sunburned appearance around her eyes. A definite must-have for me were the backpack strap harnesses. Zinko’s Camp SS24 collection offered a dynamic portrayal of contemporary living, showcasing how its hues seamlessly blended with the dry grass and autumn leaves of the park, serving as a perfect canvas for the monochromatic, earthy tones of the pragmatic garments. The intricate details symbolized society’s inclination toward utility over superfluous embellishments. Overall, the collection conveyed a powerful message about surviving in today’s complex world while highlighting the need for material elements to assist us in our daily survival during these contentious times.

Words Gabriella Lovazzano

Picture courtesy of Adam Soltau

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