Our Favorite Jewelry of the Year

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The year 2020 was everything but luxurious or shiny …

which is why the time has never been more ideal to drape ourselves in shimmery, glimmery hardware . Draping yourself (or a girlfriend) in something beautiful and a little extravagant is a great way to counteract the cold and cloudy days around us. Jewels and metals add a bit of fiction and fantasy in a world which has been feeling a little too real in its brutality and lackluster in its home office (or unemployment) loungewear. We present our favorite jewelry lines and specific pieces that we saw this year, that we would love to wear into the new year, to make our face masks a little jealous …

Bracelet 2018 by NOON PASSAMA

This bracelet made from synthetic clay is first sculptured then covered with fine polished silver. It’s giving us vibes from a future we cannot yet imagine. An extraordinary piece, as innovative as it will be timeless. All products combine in a significant new style, a new kind of organic fluency and delusion with an industrial touch. 

Maxi Gloop Earring by ALAN CROCETTI 

We have already professed our love for Alan Crocetti earlier in the year, and our desire has only grown stronger. Innovative purity. Reflections of nature. This gloop earring is like a raindrop rolling down a window, frozen and covered in fine silver, and placed with love on your ear. We will take two.  


Ear cuff by ouverture 

Berlin based jewelry brand OUVERTURE is a new line that offers pure, classical designs, ethically handcrafted in Armenia. We interviewed the founder and designer Kris Ter-Ghazaryan this year, and have been head over heels in love with her fine designs ever since. 

Double Omega bracelets  by Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent jewelry has always been high on our fantasy lists: from the 70s bohemian costume bangles and feathered necklaces, to the more modern-day witchy crystal collection from last year … They now present a roughly oxidized, fairly industrial offering of tough jewelry , that is still strangely elegant. This is for the downtown girl (or guy! This would look fantastic on a more masculine arm) who considers Cartier a bit too posh for their wardrobe.

Crystal Clover Choker by AREA 

This crystal choker by the New York-based brand AREA could add a luxurious kiss to even the most casual look. We envision this paired with an oversized tee and equally oversized sunglasses. As glamorous in the daytime with a cup of coffee as it is in the evening with a flute of champagne. 

Sterling Silver Half Moon Earrings by HÄRTEL-BROBACK

Before trying his hand at jewelry-making, the man behind Berlin-based Härtel-Broback was a telescope engineer (and musician!) He tried his hand at welding and melding various metals, playing with clever methods of clasping, and began forging organic and playful shapes out of otherwise very tough materials that might otherwise be daunting for a day-to-day earlobe. He takes the club scene aesthetic and makes it a bit more elegant. A bonus: his pieces can be customized. The joys of supporting new creatives!


Ludovic de Saint Sernin is a designer who brings together two things which are easily lost in our hyper-distracted world, especially now with our rules of distancing: sensuality and sexuality. As with his clothing collection, his jewelry line also knows no gender bounds. This necklace is a subtle piece, which only reveals itself on closer inspection…

“Rama” choker by NICCHIA

A futuristic choker that seems to literally wrap and constrict the neck, like a snake, taken from the collection “us but elsewhere.”  “I created that collection for Us. But an” Us “that is different. To an” Us “with different rules, balances, gazes …” – beautifully put, and beautifully worn.

Venus Mono Earring by HOUSE OF DANAË 

HOUSE OF DANAË is another Berlin-based jewelry brand, handcrafted and sold at affordable prices. Each piece is a statement. Not for the demure lady. Fierce Misses to the front! 


The New York-based designer HANNAH JEWETT is taking us into her self-created fantasy pleasure world. This earring in particular is a piece of real estate from another world we would love to invest in. Her graphics are equally as incredible!

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