Our Legacy Fall 21: Inverted Classics & New Grunge Staples

vor 3 years

The Our Legacy Fall 21 collection looked to the past and created garments for the future.

The Swedish label Our Legacy debuted its Fall 21 collection during Paris Fashion Week last month, and it is still on our mind. The collection was a remodel of classic wardrobe pieces, reworked and inverted to create new season pieces. The central theme for the collection was titled ‘Conservatism Inverted’, with traditional garments completely reimagined.

Subcultures were a significant trope throughout the collection which added a blend of punk, grunge and skater aesthetics to all the unisex looks. Alternative subcultures, using their symbolism on garments as a protest – subtle or loud depending on the setting – were a big inspiration for the collection. Dark tones and hues were spread amongst pinstripes, frayed tweed, silks coated in mud, knitwear tumbled and washed, fuzzy alpaca wool mets metallic leather, varsity sweatshirts were slashed, boots and jackets studded, rips patched up with safety pins. A rough punk grungy edge was omnipresent throughout.

Gender became more fluid than in previous collections, with more blurred lines of menswear and womenswear, filtered through one another, borrowing shapes and fabrics from each other. Women’s fabrics and shapes have been applied onto the men’s tops, resulting in romantic sheer shirting, lace t-shirts and soft tight cropped slipover vests. Men’s boots have high-heeled options. Men’s silhouettes can be found on women’s oversized overcoats, shirting and jeans.

The Our Legacy creative director Christopher Nying spoke on the collections influences and inspiration: “Growing up in Husqvarna, Sweden, I remember there was a small boarding school outside of town. When the students from the school came into town on the weekends to go to clubs, some were still in their uniforms, and as the evenings went on their formal shirts and blazer jackets where thrown or tied around their waists. During this era, Swedish punk had kind of a mainstream revival, so some of the same kids were in studded belts and bracelets, putting safety pins on their lapels, using heavy eyeliner makeup. This clash of worlds in aesthetic really stuck with me, and has been part of the inspiration for the Fall 2021 collection ” 


Our Legacy Fall 21 will be released in two drops, starting later in August ’21.


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