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Today we introduce you to the young british singer and songwriter Florence Arman.

Florence has already collaborated with artists like Filous, Crystal Fighters and The Cooks. No wonder, her life-affirming and authentic songs spark joy and pain at the same time and let your heart guide you through your young years. With songs like “Fever”, “Black&White” or “Naked” she deals with the inner conflict of the young and longing generation by hitting the mark with pure as well as witty lyrics. With her latest song “Out oft the Blue” she now follows up and invites you to let go of your insecurities.

It is 5.42am you sit alone or with your soulmate somewhere on the most beautiful roof terrace, which can only spring from your boldest imagination. The sun rises and the first ray of sunlight gently wipes a tear or a raindrop, you are not sure, from your cheek. But you feel anything but sad.  You feel your heart opening up. Time stands still.


Which cultural influence shapes your music the most? German or British culture?
Ah, that’s a really interesting question, not sure I’ve ever thought about it But actually the music I heard growing up was usually stuff my brothers or my parents were listening to, and that was seldomly German music. I also have a very vivid memory of staying at my cousin’s in London, eating grape-nuts on the sofa and binge watching all the charting music videos for weeks.
In what situations would you want your songs to touch listeners the most.
I’m always incredibly humbled if anyone listens to my music, let alone feels touched by it, so any situation will do!
You have already worked with several artists including Filous. Which collaboration with other artists did you enjoy the most and why?
I’ve enjoyed all collaborations immensely up until now, and some of my closest friendships came from writing together. They say ‘don’t meet your heroes’, but collaborating with the Kooks was amazing, they are so so so lovely.
If you could describe your music by one type of tea, what would it be and why? 
Haha! Black tea. PG tips with milk and 2/3 of a tea spoon of sugar to be precise. Nothing else will do.

Words by Angelos Tsirkos
Credit: Flo Moshammer

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