Experiencing Art: KÖNIG MONACO Showroom

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After openings in London and most recently in Seoul, the KÖNIG GALERIE is now opening a showroom in Monaco outside the major cities. The concept remains – as expected – unique.

Already when moving into the former church St. Agnes in Berlin in 2015, KÖNIG GALERIE manifested a considerable preference for special architectural areas, in which art is presented. The Brutalist church, designed by architect Werner Düttmann and remodeled for use as a gallery, beautifully complements the art and sculpture garden surrounding the gallery. Then, when the gallery established its first international location in London, it chose nothing less than a former parking garage in London to show art in just under 350 square meters. At the beginning of this year, the premises in Seoul followed, nowhere less than in the MCM Haus, with which the KÖNIG GALERIE shares a likewise converted parking garage and exhibits works on the (!) roof terrace.

In Monaco, too, the gallery has found another special space for the presentation of art in cooperation with LenzWerk Monaco in Villa Nuvola. Designed by Jean-Pierre Lott, the villa was originally a pilot project for the urban and very well-known high-rise LA STELLA, which is also located in in the city by the Mediterranean Sea. The villa, which looks modern and cool thanks to its amorphous and aerodynamic shapes, bears a façade of white mosaic tiles and looks itself like an oversized sculpture to be admired.

Johann König:

„Das Ziel des KÖNIG MONACO SHOWROOM ist es, das Programm der KÖNIG GALERIE weiterzuverbreiten. Die Villa Nuvola in Monaco ist der nächste logische Schritt in einer Reihe außergewöhnlicher Standorte: die umgenutzte Kirche in Berlin, die ehemalige Parkgarage in London und das MCM Haus in Seoul.“

“The goal of the KÖNIG MONACO SHOWROOM is to spread the program of the KÖNIG GALLERY. The Villa Nuvola in Monaco is the next logical step in a series of extraordinary locations: the converted church in Berlin, the former parking garage in London and the MCM House in Seoul.”

The fact that Monaco is an emerging art metropolis on the Mediterranean, which has always been a hub of the international art scene, now offers KÖNIG GALERIE the opportunity to become part of the local scene on site – and to help influence its growth.

But what sets this project apart from others: Here, the gallery transforms art into a livable experience, into what was originally a private art space. Through a holistic approach with LenzWerk Monaco, which showcases iconic and luxurious products of German design, the art engages in a dialogue with the interior design of Villa Nuvola. Hand-knotted Jan Kath rugs from the legendary “Erased Heritage” series, Occhio’s unique lamps and Walter Knoll’s high-end design pieces represent exceptional functionality and design. Who wouldn’t want to live like this?

The KÖNIG MONACO showroom is now hosting an exhibition that depicts the cross-section of their program. Jeppe Hein, for example, explores our relationship to time and space in several works. “Nothing Is The Way It Has To Be” is the title of a work that makes you question your given circumstances. Claudia Comte, meanwhile, presents sculptures that move between material and form. Of course, the stars of the KÖNIG GALERIE, Alicja Kwade, Erwin Wurm, Anselm Reyle or Katharina Grosse, who exhibit their works as sculptures or paintings in the Villa Nuvola in Monaco, will also be present.

What makes the experience complete? The villa, together with the exhibited art and special furnishings, can be visited and admired by appointment only – almost as if you had already moved in.

The current exhibition at the KÖNIG MONACO showroom will be open from June 18 to Nov. 27, 2021. Click here to book your appointment.


Words Antonia Schmidt

Image Courtesy of KÖNIG GALERIE. Photos by Christoph Philadelphia.

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