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Happy Monday! Today’s OOR Studio x Fräulein playlist comes from the Kenyan-Norwegian singer Lil Halima.

With her mixtape Brown Girl Diary, the 21-year-old musician documented her romantic relationships and the exploration of her identity. She is strongly influenced by her childhood, which she spent in rural Norway in a village with only 4000 inhabitants, together with her Norwegian mother and her Kenyan father. Various cultural influences with which she grows now also shape her music. American hip hop and African music influenced her, particularly through her father. The fact that she is different on many levels from many other Norwegians caused her some difficulties, but now she can finally celebrate it – with her very own beauty standards and life. Last month her new single “Friends” was released, together with a “home-made” music video, which you can see here.

Lil Halima made a playlist for us, with 20 of her favorite songs:

“I simply put together a list of songs I am listening to right now, that have some meaning to me. I figured I shouldn’t think too hard about this, otherwise it would be a very difficult task. I then realized that the majority of artists on this list are women of color. Which is nice, and it makes sense. So here is a mix you can dance to, cry to, groove to and just enjoy.”

Shadow Man – Noname
„I love this song, it gets me every time. It also has such an intricate lyrics, and you always notice something new.“
Wasteland – Tierra Whack
„The world needed Tierra Whack. She is my type of rapper.“
Be your girl – keytranada edition
„I can’t get enough of this song. Been in my playlist for two years and it still has me dancing“
Garden (Say it like that) – SZA
„SZA sings about needing validation from a guy in a ironic way. I really needed that too one time, didn’t get it but listening to this song made it feel better.“
Sugar honey Ice tea – Princess Nokia
„I love Princess Nokia so much. This song has me feel like I want to stunt on people.“
Coco Miyaki – Opal
“I randomly found this song at the end of 2018, and I remember me and the girls having this song on repeat all New Years eve moving into 2019. 
Homegirl – Leven Kali, Smino
“That ain’t my bitch, thats my motherfucking homegirl”. Finally someone said it, I’m tired of feeling referred to as a bitch by rappers, come on.“
Add the Bassline – Jordan Rakei
„Whats the best part about this song? maybe obvious? Yea, the bassline, it hits.“
Who Hurt You? – Daniel Caesar
„Daniel Caesar is soothing to whoever listens.”
Find Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra
„I fell in love to this song, it is so beautiful. Perfect for spring.“
What If I Go? – Mura masa
„I love walking to this song, just walking around in the city listening to mura masa.“
Toast – Koffee
„If you want to dance, and just feel happy to some Jamaican reggae, this is your song. “mi see blessings fall by mi right hand” this song makes you grateful for all blessings.“
Rules – Doja cat
„Don’t need to say much. The chorus says it all.“
 Asmr – Chynna
„RIP to this amazing angel. Recently passed. She gave us an EP before she left. She was so very underrated, and such a humble soul.“
Practice – Chynna
„This song makes me feel like a bad bitch. The superhero type of bad bitch. Probably good song to work out to if your lifting weights.“
Girls need love – summer walker
„Smooth RnB about girls needing love too, I love summer walker.“
Bart Simpson – Princess Nokia
„As mentioned, I love Princess Nokia. This song makes me feel like I’m in New York no matter where on earth I am.“
Same Drugs – Chance The Rapper
„Listened to this after going through a breakup. The simplicity in this song is amazing and perfect.“
Self control – Frank Ocean 
„Everyone loves Frank Ocean, I have such a weak spot for him too. This is my favorite.“
How deep is your love – PJ Morton, Alex Isley
„The perfect song to play on Sunday mornings. Just wake up and first thing, play this song. Get a cup of coffee, sing along, stare out the window and be thankful for the life you’re living.“

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