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Happy Monday! This week’s earworms come from Berlin-based musician and DJ j_cow.

Each week, OOR Studios reaches out to various budding artists to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you! This Monday, we have needed a bit of a boost after an exhausting weekend. We desired nothing too crazy, we couldn’t stomach it. We also couldn’t handle anything too droney, too ambient, too sweet. Our morning was slow-moving enough. Enter j_cow, bringing us some goodness from the year 1982. 1982 offered us a lot, creatively-speaking: fashion was powerful and futuristic, cars were faster and sexier, glossy buildings were being erected, skylines were broadening. Household computers, along with the internet, were not even around yet, so we had no easy task in finding new music ourselves. Radio DJs were idolised for this very reason: they surprised us with new local music and they enlightened us to new music from far away. Who else was going to tell you that Gil Scott Heron would be playing a last minute gig downtown at the Blue Note, and then later announce that martial arts superstar Jackie Chan had just released a new solo album? In the age of Spotify, it is easy to get stuck in our own little oft-repeated rut, and that’s how certain songs lose their appeal. With this playlist, we are reminiscing about the the real heroes, our beloved DJs, and we are starting the week in a little bit nicer of a mood, nostalgic but still curious, and with a pleasantly-confirmed greater admiration for Jackie Chan. Happy Listening!



"This playlist is an ode to 1982, one of my favorite years of music. Studio musicians explored the fretless bass, nerds experimented with reverb and delay units to whole new lush frontiers, future musicians played with electronic boxes, and by sheer coincidence, I was born 8 years later. This is a collection of the most heartbreaking, raw and experimental, silly and groundbreaking songs of their time - imho. Thank you 1982 for all the hard work, you never cease to impress."

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