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Happy Monday! This week’s earworms come from Berlin-based musician Kelvin Jones.

For Kelvin Jones, it wasn’t always clear that he wanted to become a musician. Up until the age of 17- as with many other boys in the UK- his dream was of becoming a soccer player. And then a month into University, a friend invited him to a John Mayer concert, and the event ended up changing his life forever. Following that night, he never went back to another lecture. To his family, he pretended to continue his classes. Three months later, his first single “Call You Home” went viral (it was one of the top 10 radio tracks of the year in Germany), and his success allowed him to come clean about what he had been up to: following his newfound dream of being a musician.

Fräulein asked Kelvin to come up with a playlist for our readers, and to name his three favorite songs:

“This playlist is a collection of songs which have had an impact on me throughout the course of my life, in one way or another. Some of these songs are ones I just go back to when I feel low and I can breathe in listening to the songs and know that things are gonna be okay. And some of them are songs that represent such high points in my life, that I can only associate them with that.

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer is without a doubt my favourite song. I know it’s not common for people to have a favourite song, but for many years this has been it for me. I listened to it in so many of my life’s biggest moments. I remember my brother driving us to the train station on the day I got signed by Sony 5 or 6 years ago, blasting this song with the windows down.

Sorry Not Sorry: It took me a while to really get this song. It was an acquired taste. But once it got me, man, it really got me. The production by Oak Felder still inspires everything I make today. It was a game changer for me because I didn’t know music could be that minimal yet still that powerful at the same time.

Uptown Funk: This song to me is like a fast moving train, or like a giant pickup truck roaring down the highway. It has this unbelievable energy from the beginning all the way through to the last note. Some songs have peaks and troughs, but Uptown Funk doesn’t bother with that, it’s just nonstop. The energy is so wild to me; it’s something I aim to create.”

If you are into Kelvin’s taste in feel-good pop and acoustics, you will definitely love his music, too. The video for his new single ‘Friends’ can be found below, and an acoustic set we particularly love can be found here. Thank you Kelvin! You definitely made our hectic Monday a little nicer.


Images Courtesy of Paul Hüttemann

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