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Happy Monday! This week’s earworms come from the founder of Berlin-based fashion archive Disruptive Berlin, Brenda Weischer.

Brenda Weischer started as an accidental tastemaker. While posting images of herself and her all black-and-white wardrobe featuring mostly vintage designers such as Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and Helmut Lang, she naturally began receiving multiple queries a day of “where did you get that top?” She realized there was a missing niche of well-cared for and considered clothing outside of the rare finds in vintage boutiques or consignment shops. Her personal closet was already highly curated; she made a hobby out of sleuthing around the internet for particular seasons of specific designers. After wearing, mending, and lending, she started to see she could make a business from her biggest interest: her closet. And so, she began selling from it, to her 93 thousand followers. This was the start of Disruptive Berlin. Brenda does not simply profit from her large following, but she also uses her platform to discuss oft-overlooked issues within the fashion realm (waste and inclusion) that not many companies discuss so casually, without filter.

And while Brenda is incredibly open with her tastes in all things wearable, readable, loungeable, and even edible, she is not so open with her music. Fräulein reached out to her, wondering if she might be interested in sharing what she has been listening to. Naturally, they’re catwalk-inclined, and we have quite the treat for you.

Below, find Brenda’s top ten favourite runway collections, as well as a playlist featuring their soundtrack.
Follow Brenda’s personal account here, and sign up for access to her private archive here.
Happy strutting!

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2018: I will say “this is one of my favourite shows ever” for all of the shows I will be mentioning. The transition to the song starts around minute 4: I want to be that woman and wear all of those black looks. The song is “Current Flashes” by Monolithe Noir. I listen to it in the car alone at night when I’m driving fast on the highway and it makes me feel like a superhero.

I think the best Chanel Haute Couture show of all time is S/S 2004, with “La Ritournelle” by Sébastien Tellier playing in the background. There is always a bridal gown at the end of their couture shows, and this time it was worn by the most iconic model, Alek Wek. It is such a magic moment. I still scroll through the images of that show from time to time, and I feel inspired and nostalgic. The song I often use as background music when I’m cleaning is La Ritournelle (only a bit less chic than wearing Haute Couture.)
Editor’s Note: the video below is of the collection, but the music has been changed. Simply use our playlist below and listen with the video on mute 🙂

Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2013, when the house was still under creative direction of Raf Simons. He played “Angels” by the XX, which was a song I used to listen to as a teenager looking out of the train while it was raining. Literally.

Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2009 is one of my favourite shows ever, and is also the 20th anniversary show. So many insane songs but I think a great moment is around minute 8 when the completely black outfit struts down the runway to “American Flag” by Cat Power.

Raf Simons playing “Vienna” by Ultravox for his F/W 1999 show. I remember this song: riding in the backseat of my parent’s car, not yet knowing a word of English, so I had no idea what the song was about. But some songs you don’t really need to understand the lyrics to feel the emotions that come with it, and I feel like this is one of them.

The finale of the Chanel F/W 2019 show, just after Karl Lagerfeld’s death, playing “Heroes” by David Bowie, was cliche but honestly, a beautiful moment.

The finale of Helmut Lang’s F/W 1995 show features a slowed down version of “Million Town” by Strange Cargo. Kind of trippy, which is exactly how I imagine fashion in the 90s in New York City to have been.

An amazing show of Rick Owens, S/S 2005 in Paris, held in a gym. One of his best collections ever, in my opinion, called Scorpio. Rick often plays super hardcore (as in, hard-to-listen-to for me personally) music, but this one was very different. The show started with “Going Down Makes Me Shiver” by LaBelle. Great moment, and a show I will have on my moodboard forever.

The first ever Yeezy show (Season 1), in New York. “Wolves” at the time was still an unreleased song, and then was also its debut along with his clothing. It was a great moment in fashion and the song is still amazing. It’s probably one of my most played songs.

Tom Ford goes out with a roar at his last show at Gucci, F/W 2004. He plays a remix of “Killing Me Softly”. Tom was my favourite designer ever at Gucci, and you cannot not love this song.

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