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Sweden’s music industry has already brought out a lot of talent and now there’s a new star: the 21-year-old singer, songwriter and producer LOVA.

After releasing a few singles over the past year we can now listen to her debut album Grown-ish. Her songs are catchy with strong melodies and emotional, socially conscious messages. She isn’t afraid to open up about her insecurities without losing any of her ease. ” I definitely want to be a role model for younger girls because I know how hard it can be,” LOVA says. “Role models should make mistakes and own up to them and grow from them. You’re human.”

LOVA found her niche in the pop industry inspired by the musical greats from the 60s and 70s, as well as from current sounds. The playlist she put together for us is filled with emotion and just the right amount of throwback tunes:

“This playlist covers every emotion you’ll have. It’s for those who wanna cry, or who wanna dance or for those who just wanna listen to some really great songs. It’s the perfect blend between classics and newer songs and I genuinely love every single one of them. So listen and enjoy!!”

Below, find the playlist, and here you will find links to her new album


Photography: Johanna Petterson

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