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Each week, OOR Studios reaches out to various budding artists to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

The 25-year-old artist Natia Chichinadze aka Creams makes music full of traps. Each track is a Pandora’s box with paradoxical lyrics and melodies born of myths, dreams, and literary ideas; sensually stimulating music that sounds like “cotton candy”, but with much deeper heart notes. Creams comes from Georgia, a small country fed by tensions on the borders of Europe and Asia. She speaks 4 different languages ​​and has an extremely strong sense of her own abilities. Her creativity is instinctive, her gut feeling never fails, and she insists that the circumstances of her generation prepared her for battle.Of the songs chosen in today’s playlist, Creams said “The songs in this playlist are like boomerangs to me, you know? Songs that keep coming back and have colored much of my journey as an artist. No matter the time they somehow find a place in my life. They have influenced me to the core. “

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