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Sevdaliza and Grimes pursue path for true artistic liberation on new single “Nothing lasts forever

Sevdaliza, the Iranian-Dutch polymath, has established herself as a prominent artistic voice, constantly pushing boundaries in sonic exploration. Her latest single, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” featuring Grimes, addresses societal expectations on female artists, particularly the pressure to maintain eternal youth and beauty. The song combines electronic, pop, trance, and Dutch gabber, reflecting Sevdaliza‘s roots in Rotterdam.
The accompanying video, set to release next week, will delve into these themes, incorporating futuristic technologies and thought-provoking visual narratives. In a message, Sevdaliza emphasizes the challenges women face concerning societal expectations and the importance of true liberation from both internal and external pressures. She sees this journey as worthwhile despite the inevitable hardships. This summer, Sevdaliza collaborated with myvox to launch Dahlia, the world’s first femenoid robot and AI artist. Dahlia, introduced in the video for “OH MY GOD,” symbolizes the idealized version of Sevdaliza, embodying the artist’s frustrations, pressures, and the immense expectations placed on female artists. The subsequent “Raving Dahlia” project emerged from Sevdaliza’s personal experiences in the music industry and her groundbreaking journey as a woman. The physical robot, constructed over two years, represents a perfect yet tangible manifestation of Sevdaliza‘s struggles. Recently, her music, such as “Ride or Die feat. Villano Antillano,” showcases a departure from darker sounds into a more global pop style.

Image courtesy Brian Ziff & Willemskantine

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