The new Pasha de Cartier

vor 4 years

The Pasha watch saga began already several decades ago: A watch design made for a custom order, originally from the Cartier archives in 1943, inspired the Pasha watch that was first launched in 1985.

The name pays tribute to the fascinating character Pasha of Marrakesh, a lover of fine watchmaking and lifelong customer of Louis Cartier. The watch quickly became a heritage piece, and over the years Cartier has launched different variations and sizes.

Now, the design has become modernised once again, keeping its iconic features but making it more sophisticated then ever: the big Arabic numerals, graphic square lines in a round clock face, and a crown cover are complemented by interchangeable straps. A sapphire crystal case backing, and personalized engraving.

Today’s Pasha de Cartier builds upon its own legacy. True to the original design, this newly reinterpreted version is presented in refinement, suitable for both women and men. The new design is a harmonious mix between an elegant piece of jewelry and fine modern technology. Cartier has created a lasting symbol of a modern lifestyle that combines upscale values and exclusive design language, in harmony with the designs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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