The Sound of Space: A New Ganni Tee Collection Drops

vor 3 years

GANNI releases throwback band tee collection 

I miss live shows, perhaps more than the average person: bumping into old friends and meeting future lovers, dancing with glasses of sekt in my hand, trying my luck at smoking a joint with the band out back… but honestly, you know what else I miss? The merch table! I have amassed quite a collection of interesting tee shirts. But stupidly, the majority of them I don’t even wear. They’re typically ill-fitting and made of cheap fabric. So it goes. And unless I take to cutting them into crop tops or making them into totes (yes, you should look into this, too!), the boyfriends I meet backstage typically end up taking them (begone, gender roles, and don’t leave with my hoodies!)

One of our favorite clothing lines here at Fräulein is GANNI. Because obviously. They make the cutest clothes and accessories, but our heart really lies within their various tee shirt collections. And this one? This one we can’t get enough of… The typical GANNI smiley face logo is replaced with planets and the whole vibe is a throwback to the psychedelic, wonky band tees that your dad’s stoner friend would wear. If you were looking for this kind of style, you know they now typically resale for $300 at a secondhand shop in Austin. Thanks to GANNI, you can afford both the shirt and a festival pass.

“I love vintage band shirts! When we made the new shirts, we had old, worn band shirts in mind. Each one shows an individual space illustration and a typical GANNI-style slogan that makes you smile. And if you look closely, you will also see hidden references to the design team's favorite bands and songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s."

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI

Dig it? Us too. Find the collection and your favorite here. Ours is a toss up between Jupiter and Neptune. We will definitely be hiding these from our boyfriends. See you at the merch table!

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