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A notice to all the 2000’s aficionados! Y2K fashion is back and stronger than ever, for better and worse.

Still traumatised by the memory of all-denim Red Carpet looks and color-clashing outfits, I found myself wondering where the appeal of the 2000’s comes from. While I have to agree that fashion was a total freedom back then, it is far from the neutral and minimalistic approach that I normally praise. I decided to investigate further.

If, like me, you’re hesitant to go back to butterfly hair-clips, Playboy tanks and low-rise jeans, today is the day to get in the mood as the Y2K expert Isabella agreed to give us some tips and tricks.

Issy is a vision coming straight from 2005, wrapped in floor-length denim skirts. She appears to be a modern Spice Girl. The jewels of her crown are the amazing bags that make me gasp every time I see her. I thought she would be the best guide for me through this blast-from-the-eye glittered past.

Fräulein: What does the Y2K style represent for you?

Issy: I would say that it makes me feel nostalgic in a way, of my childhood and all of those impressive figures which I was looking up to when I was 7, such as Paris Hilton or Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. But then it also now represent a time when people were really unapologetic in terms of style and didn’t care to come across as outlandish or over the top. It’s a form of hyper-femininity which I love and ties in with being very proud of ones’ feminine side, which can be found in the mini handbags, the abundance of pink, and lots of strong colours. Mainly for me, it represent something new. I really bonded with this aesthetic when I was 19 because of a friend, always seen with her Dior saddle bag. I never thought this style would come back so strongly but I began noticing a lot of people beginning to include early-00 pieces into their wardrobe which was very refreshing to me. And even at the time, it was something quite new and innovative… We tend to always look to the past for fashion inspiration, but with y2k fashion, everything was very in the moment and nothing else was really like it before.

What are your essentials to dress in a 2000s inspired style?

Issy: I would say denim, diamanté, faux-fur, very harsh colours in all shades of bright pinks and deep purples. You just really want to take it over the top. Everything that is glamorous… but not in a classy way. Classy in an outlandish way. Think Marie-Antoinette in the 2000’s. Oh, and lip gloss!

Any fashion icons?

Issy: I don’t really have any defined fashion icons. My style inspiration comes from many different things: from a brand or a specific look on a model or a particular trend that is cycling back around. The only people I can really think of are Naomi Campbell in the 90’s-00’s– she always looks really good and super sleek. And Kimora Lee, she is really cool. I really like how she used to dress. She also had her own brand ‘Baby Phat’ which was very in the vein of Juicy Couture or Apple Bottoms.

Can you give our dear readers tips to find 2000’s pieces?

Issy: It is actually not that easy to find y2k pieces in charity shops or vintage stores. It is something quite recent. I remember even two years ago it was really not resold in curated second hand stores. But Ebay is a really good place to find some items… just look for a brand name that was popular at the time (such as Roberto Cavalli) and scroll through.
I also recommend a shop in Shoreditch which is called Serotonin, it is very popular and I love it. They carry designers such as D&G, Versace, Moschino.
My selection of shops on depop are as follows: @beryoza @gabby_from_heaven @janettojo
And finally, I think some contemporary brands have beautiful 2000’s inspired pieces. Look at Blumarine Spring 2021: it is right up my alley and we should keep an eye on them.

What about you bag collection? What are your faves?

Issy: One of my favorite bags is my pink DNKY which I have owned since 2018. It goes with everything and I think it represents me as a person. I love that it’s a monogram bag but not an obvious one such as a Dior or Louis Vuitton. It’s a pretty mid-market brand and I kinda like that because I’m a cheap bitch. My other favorite bag is a denim one from Cavalli- it’s super cute and quite special because it was a present to myself. I got it on eBay for only 30£!

Do you have any recommendations to get us in the mood (films, music, etc.)

Issy: In terms of music, I have to say Aaliyah, Destiny’s Childs, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and the Sugar Babes, they were my favorite girl-band when I was young. For the films «Thriteen» pretty classic, «White Chicks» very funny I really recommend it, although it is admittedly pretty outdated and not very politically correct, and then there is Drew Barrymore in «Never been kissed», also one of my favorite.

Text by Marien Brandon with the contribution of Isabella Ventura
Images courtesy of Baby Phat, Juicy Couture and Roberto Cavalli

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