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Hedi Slimane took us to the glamorous André Le Nôtre gardens at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte just outside of Paris to present this year’s Celine fall/winter collection. The collection itself received a little more glam than the previous seasons, though it was a clear sequel of Slimane’s interpretation of the French wardrobe. This time he called it “Youth Interrupted” and it was his intention to show a contemporary daydream throughout the pandemic hiatus that not only, but foremost, the youth has to go through at the moment.
Telling by the designs of Slimane’s new collection, these daydreams of the youthful women delve into their mothers wardrobes filled with French classics like tweed jackets that remind a lot about Chanel, pussy bow blouses, chic bags and bourgeoise jackets that are yet made from rather rustic menswear fabrics. The collection didn’t lose any touch to Gen Z though and so it is that those staples are styled together with asymmetrical crop tops, hoodies, caps and super wide-leg denim pants. The looks of the young, self-aware French women ready to strut through the world is then completed with beautiful quilted leather jackets and pointed, knee-high leather boots, which carry the young models full of pace and determination through the royal gardens.
The soundtrack to the “Parade”, written & produced exclusively for Celine by Regina Demina and Charles Caste, highlights the models’ energetic walk with a booming electronic sound that somehow contrasts with the lyrics that tell us about “Un Day Dream” they are living at this very moment. For the finale, this daydream reaches its climax with one of the models standing like a princess, dressed in a sparkly embossed and extremely wide bell-shape constructed stiff skirt. The final look is combined with a rusty leather jacket and a baseball cap, all presented on a hill above the gardens, watching the exploding firework with tears in her eyes and a little deer beside her.
Overall, it is a collection that is comprised of numerous sellable pieces that will most likely realize many of Slimane’s dreams that money can buy, because he proves that he still is a master of merchandising. The collection may not entice with revolutionary design, but appeals to many dreams rooted in reality. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on one of the leather jackets.

Text: Luis Hartmann
All Images: Courtesy of Celine

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