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Dead Sea Dress. Living Clothing. Political Fashion. Gentlemen Clients. Tackling Fears.

Dress Submerged in Dead Sea Transforms Into Glimmering Salt-Covered Masterpiece  via mymodernnet.com

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has a special reference to the Dead Sea. Her latest project, an eight-part photo series called “Salt Bride”, represents a uniquely captivating collaboration between fashion and nature. She sank a black gown into the Dead Sea in 2014. After years in this highly concentrated salt-lye, the black garment turned into a white bridal gown covered by glimmering salt-crystals. The photo series, which shows the development of the crystal growth was displayed in London’s Marlborough Contemporary. OM


Future Design: What ‘Living’ Clothes Can Do to Absorb Carbon Emissions via cnn.com

The production of many garments and clothes is very destructive to the environment. Luckily, there are a lot of creative solutions that aim at changing the future and the way we see our clothing. Scientists from the University of British Columbia have invented the as they claim first living and photosynthesizing fabric made from algae under Canadian-Indian designer Roya Aghighi. Read up on the special way to treat this garment and the clothes made from this carbon-negative fabric. PG


Politics Is Back in Fashion via nytimes.com

We all have experiences with meeting someone that would explain to us that fashion is a superficial discipline. Sociologically very untrue! The art of dressing up is part of human nature and involves everyone without exception. Our clothes say a lot of things about us and sometimes even in a committed way such as politics. The New York Times fully reviewed this one – of a kind fashion statement for us readers. Enjoy! MB

Gentleman’s Club: A World That’s Rarely Seen  via bbc.com

Photographer Cristina de Middel shows a different side of prostitution through her series „Gentlemen’s Club“. Therefore she paid men to pose in those rooms, where everything happens, who are actual clients. Paying these clients for these actions, kind of is a subtle change in the original roles. In fact, everyone has a stereotypical picture of prostitutes in their heads; it feels like there is only one perspective of this business, which does not put the focus on the clients, who actually built up this business by demand. Through this series, we are taken through another reality of prostitution, questioning the origin and our own picture. CB


How to Conquer Your Fears – By the Woman Who Helps Athletes Overcome Theirs via vogue.co.uk

Dr. Pippa Grange is the sports psychologist who has worked as the Head of People and Team Development and has been influential in England’s 2018 Football World Cup experience. She claims that it is not the status that defines the success of someone, but human contact on the way to the top. The article explains different kinds of fear which you might also experience, what you could do about them and why they might be helpful at times. PG


Images courtesy of Sigalit Landau & Marlborough Contemporary

Image courtesy of Cristina de Middel & Magnum Photos

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