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This week’s most inspiring, comical, beautiful, strange, culturally relevant, or totally irrelevant highlights our editors found on Instagram this week:

Celebrating the women’s gaze. @tapage is an account supporting women with messages by amplifying their voices. Trouble makers with a cause. Be loud ladies! – Marien Brandon, Fashion Intern

Texture texture texture. Nothing but texture. – Noé Cassi, Art Direction Intern

Corsetry in the summer, o the horror! But now… the weather is slightly shifting…It’s getting a little cooler, a little darker… So for those who could benefit from a little cinching inspiration…Corsetorium is a luxury corset maker in London, and their feed is a dark haven of their creations on all types of bodies, seen through many types of lens. – Janna Shaw, Managing Editor

Simon Klenell, a glass artist from Stockholm leads us through his amazing, handmade works on his Instagram. – Carolin Desirée Becker, Fashion Intern

How to dress while working from home, according to the experts. #homeoffice – Olivier Mohrińge, Fashion Intern

“I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks,…” Cardi B sang some time ago. This week she broke the internet as the new face of Balenciaga’s latest giant billboard on the side of the Louvres in Paris. A milestone in Cardi B’s career! The picture where she poses in a dark blue gown was self-shot in quarantine. – Noé Cassi, Art Direction Intern

Before you start your after summer wardrobe clear-out and buy new clothes for the upcoming season, maybe think about what happens to all the clothing that isn’t used anymore. Recently I swapped some clothes with my friends, a more sustainable approach to a new wardrobe. But I also sell my old things, and more importantly, remind myself to shop less. – Hannah Sulzbach, Fashion Intern

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