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The significance of avant-garde. A pot lover.  Cancel culture. 3D printed vegan beef. New Yorks’s children of creative parents. And many more.


Essay: The Circulation Of Violence via artsoftheworkingclass.org

If you have ridden the U8, chances are you have seen someone walk past with a pile of newspapers for sale. These gems in his hands, are definitely something you should acquire. The multi-lingual Arts of the Working Class is a publication printed every other month that features various artists, interviews, op/eds (typically on the divide of wealth), and various cultural happenings around Berlin and beyond. The new issue is called The New Serenity and features care and peace as their central topics. Their website, I recently found, is also a bevy of the beautifully displayed information, and includes great playlists featuring a lot of Berlin-based musicians. Below is an essay on how we relate to images of suffering, entitled The Circulation of Violence. JS


The Children of New York City’s Greatest Generation via nytimes.com

The Children of New York City’s Greatest Generation: an article in the Times, highlighting various children with creative parents who grew up amongst the grittiness and glamour of the 80s and 90s. This was a very special time and it’s always nice to hear different accounts of life in this bygone era. JS


Coronavirus interferes with the fight against HIV via Spiegal.de (German)

The fight against AIDS was supposed to successfully end in 2030, but then COVID-19 happened. The Spiegal looks at how the pandemic is a big danger for the development of curing both diseases. SB

Simone Biles on Overcoming Abuse, the Postponed Olympics, and Training During a Pandemic via vogue.com

Simone Biles, one of the greatest athletes of all time, opens up in an interview with Vogue about the sexual abuse she experienced at the hands of Larry Nassar, a former doctor for the U.S. women’s national gymnastics team. SB


Dieses Steak aus dem Drucker ist das nächste Level der Fleischlos-Ära via welt.de (German)

An Israeli start-up company has developed a 3D printer for vegan steaks which are supposed to launch in the market already this year in which Germany is also participating in its investment. SB


Recycled Wood Church in Indonesia via fubiz.net

A church in Indonesia which is made from recycled wood is mind-blowing: it was inspired by the traditional architecture of the Indonesian people of Dayak. We need more of these! SB


Physical? Digital? Virtual? The Masterminds of Fashion Show Production Weigh In on Runway’s Future via vogue.com

While everyone is wondering what the future of fashion shows may look like, Vogue US lets the experts speculate. Read what the most successful organizers like Alexandre de Betak and Thierry Dreyfus have to say.  AKL

The True Story of My Marriage to a Pot via nytimes.com

In this piece author, Alisha Haridasani Gupta explains how she ended up marrying a pot out of love to her family. „the story of my pot and me is one of respect. For myth, for belief, for culture and ritual and history, those ineffable things that swirl through generations, tying us to who we are as individuals.“, says Gupta. AKL


Understanding The Significance Of Avant-garde via widewalls.ch

Taking us back to the 19th century the widewalls editorial team gives us a history lesson on how avant-garde came to rise in the art world. Salon des Refusés, an exhibition of artworks that were rejected by the jury of the prestigious Paris Salon, held annually by the Académie des Beaux-Arts. The avant-garde was used in relation to the arts, and it marked the beginning of a cultural revolution. An interesting read. SK


‘Cancel Culture’ Doesn’t Stifle Debate, But It Does Challenge The Old Order via theguardian.co.uk

Cancel culture has become the modern-day pitchforking of celebrities and figures with opinions which the majority disagree with, essentially killing a persons career in the click of a heartbeat. The op-ed gives an alternative view to the rise of the young generation who now have a voice and use it on a wider platform to announce and denounce others. SK

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